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Two stars, one sun and one moon, are the mean of time. The first occurred on April 30th and is not seen in Brazil, but the second will come in mid-May and can be seen in all regions of the country. Below, we have selected the best pictures of solar eclipse and explained everything in detail for you to follow solar eclipse.

In addition, we have new information SpaceX, solar power, and the new Russian rocket, which you can check out below.

The first solar eclipse of 2022 was partial and found only in the southern United States. However, fortunately for us, many have maintained the beautiful photos, which you can see in the link above.

Solar eclipses occur when the moon blocks the sun’s light from its own near-similar location between the star and our planet. This situation never came alone: ​​it followed the lunar eclipse, usually two weeks later. And by the way …

Simulation of the entire lunar eclipse on May 16, at 1:40 a.m. (Image: Reproduction / Stellarium)

On May 16 there will be a total sunset, seen across the country. Earth’s shadow will cover the entire moon, letting it look reddish. The event will start around 10:30 pm on May 15, with some eclipses starting in the dark moon, and will run until 3:50 am. In total, it will be 5 hours and 19 minutes.

The whole eclipse will start at 00:29 am (April 16), when the moon will be very red, which gives it the nickname “Blood Moon”. At all times it will be high enough in the sky to agree.

SpaceWorks seeks to improve space where astronauts can hibernate as they sail to Mars (Image: Reproduction / SpaceWorks Enterprises)

While NASA is deciding to use the method to encourage homeowners to hibernate while traveling in long distances, new research suggests that this may not be as effective as it sounds. The idea is to save the energy of the human body as the plane traverses the interplanetary space, but sometimes this operation does not happen, even in hibernation.

According to this study, only small animals can save a lot of energy when hibernating. For example, bears exert more energy during prolonged sleep. In other words, people will not benefit from the same deception.

Russia has launched the new Angara 1.2 rocket by sending a satellite from its Ministry of Defense to the area. The payload is called the Kosmos-2555 and is already transmitting radio data from space as it moves near the near-polar orbit (while traveling from one pole to another Earth) at altitude. at 500 km.

Russian police have not disclosed the details of the responsibility. The Angara 1.2 can deliver 3.8 tons into the space, but the family also has larger models. For example, the Angara A5 can carry around 24.5 tons of payload.

Crew Dragon Freedom capsule docked in the space station’s Harmony module (Image: Reproduction / NASA TV)

Mission Crew-4, announced Wednesday (27), is the secretary for SpaceX to travel to the International Space Station (ISS). The crew arrived at their destination less than 16 hours after leaving NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. In total, the flight takes 15 hours and 45 minutes.

According to the director of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, “It’s the same time it takes to travel from New York to Singapore, so it’s attractive.” The ISS is at an altitude of about 400 km. Our astronauts will spend six months at the orbital station.

The solar flames occurred on Tuesday (3), but were just south of the sun’s surface. This means that emissions do not come directly to us. However, the use of stellar activities has scientists being alerted to future events that could occur.

Day 3 crack is divided into “X” category, the strongest, with the use of 1.1. As the product does not come to Earth, there will be no aurora borealis and no risk to our satellites and communications.

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