The Santa Catarina web platform presents pioneer services across the country focused on change

Startup Sonica Plus Web 3.0 Tools Access to the “Virtual and Real Universe” – Optional for fast performance

Startup Sonica, co-founded by Alexandre Adoglio and Marcio Gonzaga Júnior (pictured), adds web 3.0 tools to the “virtual and real edge” – and is being rolled out to create fast-paced projects, such as Gutenberg Ventures. / Photos: Share

[BLUMENAU, 27.01.2022]
SC Inova newsroom, with information from the News Agency

Sonica, originally from Santa Catarina, was founded in Blumenau (SC) and which creates a non-code platform for websites and other digital projects, is the first in the country in the sector to create a module that allows integration with the concept of the metaverse, which integrates the physical and virtual reality in the online environment.

“As an immersive environment, technology brings the real and virtual reality even closer, opening up endless opportunities for companies to present services and products and impact their products. “It’s no surprise, big names like Nike have invested in this new venture”, explains Alexandre Adoglio, co-founder and CMO of Sonica.

Integration with each metaverse was accomplished in a modified way, so that the virtual space followed the same language and familiarity through the face. According to the company CMO, it can integrate “metaverse user travel” into a hub linked to cryptocurrency wallets, multiple blockchains and create retail stores of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). .

In January, Sonica was called to join Gutenberg Ventures, a joint venture between Resumo Cast and FCJ Venture Builder with a focus on startups for the metaverse. As a first-time competition, the Blumenau platform is developing a website that connects to the NFT store and test site for marketing.

The initiative arises from improving the website structure with integration with social, WhatsApp Web and chabots. No-code projects (no code), eliminating the need to hire website developers or programmers.

“Our customers are small and medium-sized businesses that need a lot of work,” explains Alexandre. The digital demand of the epidemic spreading rapidly but strongly for online sales has boosted the company, which has already created more than 500 jobs in just two years of operation.

Entrepreneur, who has been outdone by the media and communications industry, cites the difficulties that companies face with the lack of tools to break through. to follow digital ideas. “Our dream of creating a website is as simple as setting up a Facebook page or Instagram profile. After many trials, we have launched a platform, which is widely accepted by industry experts. digital, which is needed to create websites without the need for rules or hiring staff “, recalls Alexandre, who founded the company with his partner Márcio Gonzaga Júnior.

Sonica is also part of the team on the Bite.Land platform, the first marketing platform for services focused on the metaverse, a startup from Santa Catarina startup Beupse that will be unveiled on the market day This Saturday (29), at a hybrid event. in Florianópolis.

The metaverse, in 2022, began its first phase of the market.


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