The report highlights the concerns of Brazilian devs with NFT and cryptocurrencies in the market

Henrique Sampaio reports from Overloadr website interviewing and exploring the concerns of developers in the Brazilian gaming scene with the entry of NFT, cryptocurrencies and play-to-get games since end of 2021. The BIG Festival, the largest indie fair in Brazil and Latin America, begins to provide venues for this type of sport with payment.

Sampaio said in its statement: “‘Buy cryptocurrencies and learn more about NFTs and Games!’. This is not what you want to read in the headlines of the internationally recognized The Brazilian independent entertainment venue, which, in 2022, turns 10. Although relations between the BIG Festival (Brazil’s Independent Games Festival) with cryptocurrency companies began to be announced in March, part of The Brazilian sports industry is facing a wave of competition to get the game up by the end of 2021 ”.

Overloadr interviewed who designed the event: ‘The producer and director of the BIG Festival, Gustavo Steinberg, is one of the people at GDC and oversees this movement.’ the fact that there are a lot of criticisms of the game model to earn and I have followed this situation very closely.GDC itself, more than half [do evento] it is about crypto. Not just crypto, but blockchain gaming, and then there are NFT and other exchanges inside. ‘

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The report highlights the concerns of Brazilian devs with NFT and cryptocurrencies in the market

The report highlights the concerns of Brazilian devs with NFT and cryptocurrencies in the market. Photo: published

And the site also mentions attacks on domestic sports companies. It shows the following:

Fabrício (not his real name), an employee of Aquiris Game Studio originally based in Porto Alegre, responsible for complete titles such as Horizon Chase and Wonderbox, has been experimenting with hiring experts Expert studio by companies that develop games to benefit. ..

According to him, one of his employees received approval from Prota Games, a company developed by Brazilians but outside of Brazil, which, in addition to providing free in-game training , such as League of Legends and Fortnite, are investing in improving the game to make money.

As the friend refused to accept the offer from Prota to work on his game, the company increased its demand. By taking the salary he was given to Aquiris, the studio decided to match the demand for the staff.

Another expert Aquiris also received similar recommendations from the same company, according to Fabrício. He said ‘They threw money into the real problem.

He himself was approached by another company, where he completed two interviews, one with the employee and the other with the CEO, but after returning, he was forced to resign. To work further, despite being offered a part-time job for a month, which he quit as he was not satisfied with the project, is also an activity-to-get to play.

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