The Playoffs – Laremy Tunsil released the controversial NFT oil mask video during production

The Playoffs – Laremy Tunsil released the controversial NFT oil mask video during productionThe day before the first 2022 NFL Draft, Houston Texans start left tackle Laremy Tunsil posted on his Twitter accountThis Wednesday (27), who passed the nightly incident he was recorded and who left the bad mark, well known as NFT, through his film Conflict Mask sold out before he was selected for the NFL.

“For the last six years, I have been asked about this time. About the oil mask. I have spent years trying to do otherwise – on and off site. In the fall of 2021, when I first told @complex (pop culture brand) about this time and today, the day before Draft Day, I announced going forward and giving that time. the past. I’m posting a NFT of a bad movie for a mask. And part of the proceeds will go to the Endowment Project, which supports inmates for cannabis offenses. “

An NFT is a token model. As in the real estate market, non-cash assets like NFT have special assets, unlike cash and bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, that can be created and shared. A good example is the work of art: Van Gogh painted a picture of “Starry Night”, which is located at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York). That does not limit you to getting a poster or drawing online, but you can not exchange one for another or say they are equal. One NFT is the same and each is unique.

Therefore, the player decides to make one to collect money. For, according to him, shortly before the start of the League Draft in 2016, his social network was hacked and an infamous video was published. Tunsil, who was scheduled to be the top OT in the class that year, fell on the board and was selected by the Miami Dolphins with 13th overall pick.

Laremy Tunsil later told post-NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders that his Twitter account had been hacked. “Man, it was a mistake,” Tunsil said at the time. “You know, this happened years ago. As I said before, someone stole my Twitter account. That was the beginning. It’s just a crazy world and things happen for a reason. “

OL was transferred to the Houston Texans in August 2019 in a deal that included two first-choice options. In 2020, it sign the following of $ 66 million for three years with the Texans, which includes a $ 50 million guarantee.

(Photo: Twitter / Laremy Tunsil)

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