The parade opens the door to remember the history and struggles of the queer movement

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After two years of virtual events due to the pandemic, the LGBTQIA + parade will return to the streets of S ប៉ូo Paulo next Sunday (19) to celebrate the history and struggles of the queer movement. Sponsors of the Parade for Another Year Smirnoff is one of the brands making history, bringing this historic moment to the present, remembering and reaffirming the political and social commitment of the Stonewall protests. 1969, when black and white people fought for the right to have an LGBTQIA + community. In 2022, the brand will enter Avenida Paulista with three electric motors, in addition to a live meeting area for guests with DJs, make-up artists and more.

In addition to participating in the LGBTQIA + Parade as an official sponsor, Smirnoff works with the theme of inclusion in a variety of activities during the year, including internal, with a strong diversity policy within the company structure. “Present at Pride Parade is a way of revealing Smirnoff brand DNA. We are the number one vodka in Brazil and in the world, and this position demonstrates the importance of leading the agenda, which has had a positive impact on society. Smirnoff is an innovative and democratic brand committed to taking further steps that can enable and strengthen the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity to ensure that all of our consumers are respected, represented and heard.Patricia Ruggeri, Marketing Manager for Smirnoff.

Support for the community in the areas of creative economy and entrepreneurship is also part of the branding plan, which will be present at the 22nd LGBT + Parade Cultural Expo organized by the NGO Associação da Parada do Pride LGBT de São Paulo (APOLGBT-SP) which takes place on Thursday (16) in Largo do Arouche in Sao Paulo. With activities that promote human rights advocacy targeting the LGBT + population, Smirnoff will target companies and entrepreneurs of the queer culture.

Giving voice to the theme of the LGBTQIA + universe is important to Smirnoff, the brand sponsors the “Vozes da Parada” podcast featuring Cláudia Garcia, LGBT + Parade’s leader in S ប៉ូo Paulo, Nelson Pereira, a member of the board of founding partners. From São Paulo LGBT + Parade and the character Tchaka Drag Queen. In each episode, the podcast discusses key issues for the questionable community, such as public policy on LGBTQIA + population, citizenship and human rights, new family structure, sexual health, and protection of employment and health care. Psychological.

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In addition to dispelling discrimination and informing the public about issues related to the required population, podcasts were created to facilitate LGBTQIA + access to key resources such as anti-discrimination laws. Discrimination of rights in justice and health and medical change. All sessions are reinforced by special guests. When discussing new family configurations beyond the binary model of father and mother, podcasts bring light and informative conversations with guests such as Majú Giorgi, founder of Mães pela Diversidade, Jaciana, mother of two, and Paulo Pinheiro, gay and LGBTQIA + father.

When it comes to human rights, Renan Quinalha – Lawyer, Professor of Law and Deputy Coordinator of TransUnifesp Nucleus – and Dimitri Sales, Lawyer, University Professor and Chair of the State Council for the Protection of Human Rights of Sao Paulo, Addresses Agenda with Property And technique.

Smirnoff’s involvement in the anti-LGBTQIA + phobia agenda is old. In 2017, the company launched the #ChooseLove initiative. The idea is to filter out obscene and gay content on sites like Twitter and Facebook, responding to users with images that celebrate diversity. In 2021, Smirnoff celebrates International Day against LGBTphobia with a campaign focused on #Revolutionary Women. The series features five photo essays written by photographer Carioca Julia Rodrigues, who, in order to honor social isolation, took all the photos via video call.

Support for diversity is also talking about racism, and Smirnoff supports black-led cultural and social initiatives. In November 2021, the brand is a fan of Afropunk, the first global festival held in Brazil to celebrate black and white. The festival also celebrates the diversity of the queer community and the beauty of the little people around the world.

Know the importance of STONEWALL

The Stonewall Uprising, a movement that began on June 28, 1969 in New York City, USA, paved the way for the social rights achieved today in the major countries of the world and revolutionized culture and music. At that time. The values ​​of freedom, fun and pride brought by the protests remain and are reaffirmed in the LGBTQIA + Pride Parade, with the support of brand sponsors responsible for promoting the cause.

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