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By Roberta Prescott … 03/17/2022 … Digital Convergence

The metaverse challenges to the idea of ​​decentralization and should bring about major changes, warns Professor Gil Giardelli, while participating in a media event for NTT Data, ex-everis, held on Thursday, 03/17. According to him, the technologies that provide the metaverse are ready. “The organization is not ready,” he warned, calling for existing perspectives on human education and needs. “Not every job fits into the 21st century,” he says.

Although technology is necessary and has a good internet connection to support it, the metaverse is still in the early stages of adoption. Asked if there would be a master of metaverse or concentration, the expert said he believed no – and explained that with blockchain it was difficult to have a master. “Collaboration has never been more important.”

According to Giardelli, the metaverse has many different locations and we are moving to the internet not only as a commodity, but now in an environment, physically. “Today, we are in Web 2.0 and, now with 5G, 6G, we are entering Web 3.0, which is a mixed world, with a lot of experience,” Giardelli explained. indicates that Web 3.0 is a response to the new distribution of the web.

For Cau Dias Silva, the development manager of NTT DATA Brasil, metaversion and Web 3.0 delivers computer-based environments in 3D, with virtual, augmented and mixed-reality. “The spatial web will allow users to create virtual twins in the virtual world and bring the digital world to reality,” he said. When explaining the metaverse, the director said that it is a combination of technology that has the potential to improve the physical and digital world.

rethink people

The 2022 edition of Accenture Technology Vision “In the Metaverse: Renewal of Technology and Industrialization, Industry”, shows that based on such technologies as Really, blockchain, digital twins and edge connections, they make people think again. experience.

For Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology Officer and CTO of Accenture, and David Droga, CEO and Creative Director of Accenture Interactive, the next generation of the internet is already in development and will drive a new wave of digital exchange. more than anything we see. to this day. According to them, this new wave will change the way we live and work.

The metaverse was seen as regular, difficult prevailing and narrow views. Therefore, experts say, it is important for organizations to reconsider their performance immediately. Otherwise, they will work in a world created by and for others.

As part of the study, Accenture spoke to more than 4,600 business leaders and technology professionals in 23 industries across 35 countries. In the first round, 71% of executives said the change would have a positive impact on their organization, while 42% believed it would be something of a major change or transformation.

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