“The NFT bubble is starting to explode,” Nassim Taleb said

Author Nassim Taleb believes the NFT fad has exploded and central banks will be blamed, the famous writer said on his Twitter account.

Nassim Taleb is well known among investors around the world, including cryptocurrencies. Originally from Lebanon, but in the United States from an early age, Taleb has built his reputation by working in the financial options industry.

In addition, he wrote many famous works such as books vaccine and dub swanIts access to creative content and helps thousands of people better understand the uncertainties and weaknesses of the industry.

In recent years, it has become a cryptocurrency trader and considers digital assets to be a valuable asset market. As of 2020, he is still working on Coinbase but closed his account after seeing that the service was not working properly.

Taleb crashed with this business in mid-2020 and began calling Bitcoin a Ponzi scheme, in addition to publishing an article detailing the facts that led him to see this.

Nassim Taleb believes NFTs are broken

In the cryptocurrency market, the buzzword of 2021 for many is NFT, which represents the non-fungible token and represents the digital registration asset of the blockchain. Several collections of NFTs have appeared in recent years, the most famous being CryptoPunks.

Relations with the metaverse sector, this sector has not gone through a good period and the evidence will be that of a recent competition that surprised the market.

That’s why, an NFT that sold for US $ 2.9 million, according to the first tweet made on Twitter by Jack Dorsey, has been resold. The owner who got the picture wanted to give it millions, and put it up for auction.

However, the highest bid for a digital device is only $ 14,000, thousands of times less than it would be and well below what it would be. For Nassim Taleb, this indicates that “this NFT is beginning to explode”.

And in his opinion, this is all because the central banks have increased their interest rates, which makes the non-profit no longer worthwhile. Criticism of cryptocurrencies, it took advantage of the segment to criticize the market on its public profile.

“NFT things are starting to pop up. All you need is higher interest rates on non-profit items to start with no understanding. Jack Dorsey’s tweet on NFT once sold for $ 2.9M, right now This can go for less than $ 14K. “

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