The new FTC often gives Lina Khan a chance to push the process tight

WASHINGTON – The endorsement of the third Democrat to the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday has eroded the credibility of the organization. That is good news for Lina Khan, the party chair and Democrat.

It is also an experiment.

With the FTC the new Democratic majority – which came with the recognition of Alvaro Bedoya, who became the fifth president, in a position that has not existed since October – Ms. Khan’s friends and critics are watching to see if he supports the campaign. movement. That could include the bombings against Amazon, the establishment of online privacy laws and the use of small offices to cut off the wings of companies such as Meta, Apple and Google.

As Congress remains unaffected and the midterm elections close, organizations such as the FTC and the Department of Justice are the best hope for protesters and activists. a law that requires the government to ban participation in power. President Biden, who vowed to repeal it, last year called on the FTC and other government agencies to take steps to lift the ban.

In Ms. Khan, 33, who became president in June, has been trying to persuade the FTC to join forces by threatening to protest the talks after their closure. Officials have said it will penalize companies that make it difficult for users to repair their products. And he solved the problem with a company once called Weight Watchers over a diet app that collects data from children.

But Ms. Khan’s new Democratic majority was instrumental in expanding “knowledge of his vision,” said William E. Kovacic, former director of the FTC, and the ticking clock.

In the statement, Ms. Khan said he was “delighted” to be working with Mr. Bedoya and other leaders. He did not mention how the new FTC would most likely affect its plans.

The FTC’s previous split between the two Republicans and two Democrats has had an impact. In February, the board could not reach an agreement to move forward with a study on the leadership of the board of trustees.

Sarah Miller, director of the American Economic Liberties Project, a growing group that wants more religious protection, described the FTC’s two Republicans, Noah Phillips and Christine Wilson, as “democratic.” “which has” seem to be affected “by Ms. . Khan’s ability to support his agenda.

Mr Phillips said in an email that he supported the role of “a long-standing tradition of bipartisan work to promote the interests of American consumers.” But she will not support Ms. Khan procedures when it “passes our law,” raising prices for consumers or causing damage to new infrastructure, he said.

Ms. Ms. Wilson pointed out three words she said last year criticizing Ms. Khan’s idea. In a speech last month, Ms. Ms. Wilson said Ms. Khan and his friends are drawing the details of Marxism.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the leader of the Democratic majority, said on Wednesday that the vote would recognize Mr. Bedoya is “key to eliminating FTC”

Now Ms. Khan may be able to seek legal action against Amazon. He wrote an article examining students in 2017 criticizing the company management. The FTC began investigating major retailers under the Trump administration; Some state attorneys also questioned the company.

Ms. Khan filed a lawsuit against Amazon for a recent purchase of studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. When the $ 8.5 billion market closed in March, the FTC expert noted that the agency “may face competition at any time if it decides it violates the law.”

Ms. Khan may put his stamp on other deals. The agency is reviewing Microsoft’s $ 70 billion acquisition of video game publisher Activision Blizzard and has submitted an application to the company this year for more information.

An executive order by Mr. Biden last year advocating more antitrust legislation pushed the FTC and the Department of Justice to revise the procedures they used to approve the agreement, which could lead to an increase in trust. more stringent screenings. Ms. Khan seems to need the support of the leadership of the two Democrats, Mr. Bedoya and Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, to approve of new strict doctrines or to oppose bigotry.

Ms. Khan also said he wanted to support the organization’s strengths by deciding on self-regulation and decision-making. He said the FTC has not been able to fulfill its responsibilities as a regulatory body and that regulations would improve its role to protect consumers.

“Because our business is only continuing to digitize, international norms can help clarify and make governance more efficient and effective,” he said last month. by the confidential meeting.

The FTC may also comply with requests from promotion workers who wish the organization a ban on data-driven advertising of business standards and a ban on non-employee performance. with competitors at their current workplace.

But former FTC officials have said Ms. Khan faced difficulties, even the majority of Democrats. Establishing privacy policies can take years, says Daniel Kaufman, former director of the Consumer Protection Association. Businesses tend to oppose court rules that do not comply with FTC rules to protect consumers from fraud and corruption.

“The FTC regulatory authority is not designed to address advertising behavior so I have told my consumer organization can kick something with a lot of information but it Not sure where he is going, “he said. Kaufman, partner of law firm BakerHostetler, said.

Ms. Khan’s efforts will be met with further opposition from Mr. Phillips and Ms. Wilson. Mr. Phillips said he has reservations about the organization becoming a governing body. In January, he said Congress, not the FTC, should be the one to develop the new privacy policy.

Ms. Wilson recently posted screenshots of an internal audit showing that interest in FTC staff has fallen. He said that “the new culture has made the staff unreliable and careless, causing a brain drain that will take a generation to heal,” he said.

To overcome their resistance, Ms. Khan should make it mostly stay. That makes a difference to Mr. Bedoya, a private expert who has focused on the civil rights risks of new technologies, and Ms. Slaughter, former member of the Senator Schumer staff.

Ms. Slaughter said in the statement that Mr. Bedoya’s private counsel will work well for the FTC. He did not mention the Democratic Party in general.

Mr. Bedoya has been tight-lipped about his own plans, only if he “enjoys” working with his new FTC colleagues.

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