The most important company in the world is a metaverse investment; Find out how you can invest in a new website 3.0 different – Time Earnings

The most important company in the world is a metaverse investment;  Find out how you can invest in a new website 3.0 different – Time Earnings
It’s not just Mark Zuckerberg who is ‘withdrawing’ the virtual world; There are other big players with an eye on the sector. And marketers who pay attention can have a presentation of the benefits (Image: Microsoft / Share)

The world of technology does not talk about anything else: the metaverse fell into the mouths of the people once and for all since the Facebook turn in The goal. But know that Mark Zuckerberg is not the only one to make this bet. There are big players moving to the update that intends to make the future of the internet – the adidas and the Nike has created costumes for avatars, the disney tsum want its physical entertainment experience combined with digital, the game big epic found in the metaverse a “trillion opportunities”…

Of the many major betting sites on the metaverse, one stands out: the Microsoft.

the company of Bill Gates is a pioneer in many areas: he revolutionized personal computers and shared important workflows such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams. Now, with the metaverse knock on the door, big tech has not given up on one. And it can broadcast Meta in this competition from the virtual world.

Understand Microsoft’s metaverse investments

Even before Facebook rebranding, the app Microsoft already pulled his rope to Web 3.0. In March of this year, the technology giant announced its own version of the metaverse: the Microsoft Mesh.

The first new development planned by Microsoft Mesh is Use animated avatars in Teams video conferencing, software widely used for corporate communication. Next semester, your call may be hybrid, similar to the model that appeared at the beginning of this report.

Technology is also planning to integrate other aspects of its software into its virtual reality experience (consider PowerPoint presentations in the metaverse). With that, he applies to the desires of the mind home officeprovide tools that improve the integration of teamwork and improve workflow at home.

It is significant that the company made its first step into the metaverse of the platform already being widely integrated and used worldwide, such as Group. In this way, the company Windows ends up introducing the virtual world in more organic and natural ways in everyday human life.

“With 250 million people worldwide using the Group, avatar adoption will be the first metaverse concept to sound really good” – Jared Spataro, Head of the Group.

Gates and Zuckerberg compete for the metaverse: who wins?

When such a big change is in the stake, it is important that big players like Meta and Microsoft end up competing. But in the race for the metaverse, Bill Gates seems to be the leader …

And it’s not me who says it, but portals that specialize in tech support.

Fast Company, a marketing company, says Microsoft’s plans for the virtual world are more desirable than (previously) Facebook:

Fast Company article says:
“Facebook wants to create revolution. Microsoft is developing something that needs more,” said the Fast Company article. (Image: Fast Company)

Venture Beat, a website focused on technology output and analysis, went further and made the whole article interesting as to why Gates’ company venture beyond Zuck in the metaverse:

The title of the article read:
The title of the article reads: “Why Microsoft could cross Zuckerberg in the metaverse” (Image: Venture Beat)

According to web analytics, big technology has a better understanding of how people actually use technology, presenting a more realistic perspective on the metaverse. The text is about that Microsoft could be the future leader in this virtual world.

It is important to note that the opinion of these portals is not realistic and you can not disagree. But it is true that, when compared to Meta and other players, Microsoft’s metaverse has a clear difference: it does not require expensive and uncomfortable technology, such as analysis. Virtual glasses and headsets. To enter the company in another digital world, all you need is a smartphone or computer.

In addition to Better Meta, Gates’ company stands out in the key: holes reputation and data protection. Conflicts with Zuckerberg have always filled the news and the creator has almost become the “big villain” in the tech world.

Add this to the fact that the company itself has sensitive data protection issues. Recently Allegations by former employee Frances Haugen ends up deteriorating the image of the company, which has been in trouble since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In case you forgot the case, I will remind you again: in 2018, the advertising industry managed to steal the data of 87 million Facebook users and with data this, affecting the thinking of many voters.

Will you stay out of the new bet of the biggest companies in the world?

Whether Microsoft or Meta, the truth is that The largest companies in the world are starting with everything in the metaverse. And it is difficult to understand why:

The metaverse is expected to move $ 800 billion by 2024, according to the Bloomberg Intelligence Unit.

It is already possible to evaluate the financial resources of the world in another way: recently, a digital site in Decentraland, one of the most popular metaverses in the world, is for sale in Manhattan, most of New York. That is why the digital world is still in their infancy. Consider the potential of these projects in a few years.

For George Wachsmann, director responsible for more than BRL 12 billion, we are facing that an opportunity to invest in the market in its early daysto find presentations of future results (learn how here). History has proved that those who invest in innovation before they become the most important are the ones who benefit the most. Just remember the case of the internet itself, Bitcoin, Netflix, Tesla….

Microsoft and Meta are not the only ones who can deliver the benefits of the exchange

LUB capital in metaverse Promised, but with all of these tools, you need to have a variety of your data to be successful (and profitable). Docking in a metaverse company is not the best option when it comes to gambling on this new industry. I explain why. In order to be valid, the metaverse depends on three main points:

  • Platform
  • software
  • Hardware

A company can not easily know all these concepts with expertise. Therefore, diversification is a more interesting strategy for investing in future technologies.

If you enjoy profiting from the metaverse, I recommend you register through this link for get free content on the topic. Through 4 films, director George Wachsmann will present a way for you to expose yourself to diversity in a variety of ways, maximizing your chances of making money.

You do not lose anything once you get this information and you can still learn more about this update that has everything to change the way we use technology in the coming years. If I were you, I would not miss the moment.

It may be that a few years from now you will regret not having a metaverse bet (as those who ignore Bitcoin, the internet, Netflix and Tesla may regret it).

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