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The Cryptoart gallery, with local artists, showcases the power of NFTs in the country

At the Jockey Club Brasileiro, in Rio de Janeiro, on January 13th and 16th, the first of the Rio Innovation Week takes place. The event, which will be the largest and most successful in Latin America, will bring together more than 500 speakers, 1,000 startups and 190 exhibitors (including the Metaverse Agency), to lead the discussion. and exhibitions on innovation and technology. Attendees will be able to enjoy 19 segmented segments in the categories of tourism, retail, health and expertise, start-ups, industry, business and social. business.Metaverse Agency.  Picture

Byron Mendes’ Metaverse Agency will come up with more than 12 artists, showcasing their work through crypto art. With only one year of existence, Metaverse is responsible for the first place crypto-art in the 11th edition of ArtRio, in addition to the announcement of artist Monica Rizzolli of Artblocks, where she works. “Pictures of a Campo Infinito” was written. for around Rs. $ 30 million in 32 minutes. He has already started NFTs of Brazilian medalists who participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games; supporting the collaboration of famous Carlos Vergara and artist Alexandre Rangel; participates in the Hamptons Fine Art Fair 2021, in Southampton / New York; created by Rejane Cantoni of CCBB / RJ, in addition to releasing works by its affiliates of Makersplace, Tropix, Auxiliary, Binance, Artblocks, Miintme, 9Blocks, and more.

Now, at Rio Innovation Week, the goal is to surprise and bring new knowledge to the public. To Byron Mendes, CEO of Metaverse Agency, “It will be an opportunity for the public to interact, learn and experience the potential of mixed and innovative support. , where we bring physical knowledge in conjunction with the digital world, through cryptart and metaverses “, said Mendes.

During Rio Innovation Week, the Metaverse Agency, in partnership with Dellarte Soluções Culturais, will launch a crypto-art business, the Dellarte NFT and Metamundi project (a company focused on activating metaverses) in addition to launching an of the first show in Brazil in blockchain-based metaverse.

Metaverse artists present key points in their art, and seek to develop a reflection on technology, how life has changed so much in such a short time and as a result. try on this new fact.

Artists Space Metaverse Agency

Rejane Cantoni: Do you want more followers?

The design of the first Brazilian NFT setup is a worldwide application in art and technology, and will bring a beautiful garden to the presentation; The FLORAS project invites the public to experiment and think about cryptoart, blockchain technology and events, as well as the transformation of landscape imagery.

Metaverse Agency.  Picture

Floras, Rejane Cantoni

Alexandre Rangel

Along with video art, the Brazilian multimedia artist has been developing software for audiovisual work since the 90s. For the presentation, Alexandre presented “Stories from the Ancient Future”, raising the question of “How we see our present vision of the future, the future ? ”?

Alexandre Murucci

Sculptor, gifted artist and art director, Alexandre led “The Foundation”, which deals with the transformation of digital art based on the work of artist Beeple, his revelations The largest of the market, and how it broke the concept and vision of the art industry, for the new artistic creation promotes – NFTs. The work plays with the phonetics of the artist name, referring to it to the founding charter of the most powerful country in the world, discussing symbolic and epistemological similarities.

Beto Gatti

The mixed artist paints with photography and brings it to the world of cryptart, always with some sense of modern life. For the show, Gatti presents “History”, which talks about how important it is to be connected to the virtual world and, at the same time, how much damage it creates. Art also brings the message of selfishness and how man focuses on his own needs, seeking care and fulfillment at all costs.

Metaverse Agency.  Picture

Hello, Beto Gatti

Anaisa Franco

Master in digital art and technology, combining some of the concepts of biophilia, cognitive knowledge and theories in his art; For RIW, he led the project “Mutation”, in which the artist used transformations of the Covid-19 as a way to create different products, which were then converted to NFTs and 3D printing. These programs are designed to help prevent the purchase of vaccines and send them to countries where they are needed.

Suzete Venturelli

The teacher, artist and computer scientist in graphic design and design, presented the art piece “Zero Deforestation”, which was launched in 2013, and spoke about environmental protection. Greenpeace activist organization. Suzete seeks conflict resolution, with current issues addressed, leading viewers to engage in solutions for a greener and more peaceful future conceived, through art design, development and technology. He presents new texts to this presentation, and interactions arise from Augmented Reality technology.

Fabio Emma

The first Brazilian graffiti artist to publish works of cryptart, he presented Oracle of Time, his first collection of NFTs and canvases. The work of creating the presentation was done in New York, using a mixed process of painting on canvas with acrylic and spray paint, replacing wood and paint colors for the age of sculptures, and finally, sculptures are edited in art services. The text is unique, and all is checked for animation and converted to NFTs.

Ricardo Bellino and Hans Donner

The Colab by entrepreneur and artist Ricardo Bellino and artist Hans Donner, presents the faces of celebrities from Nespresso coffee capsules. “Pixtures of Time” uses op art, which brings not only mosaics and art itself, but also a unique experience. Together, the artists present the latest “time capsules”, whose purpose is to surprise and provoke, as well as “buy or sell time”.

Clelio de Paula: Do you want more followers?

Clelio de Paula is a visual artist who uses computer-aided design to create and apply the most intuitive experiences. In “Back to Xingu”, artists use photographs and videos with weather patterns created by three-dimensional scans of people, places and objects created during the period two art in which the author has had the opportunity to participate. by Aldeia Ipatse between 2017 and 2018, in Alto Xingu.

Xico Chaves

Xico is one of the rare issues that has plagued the film for more than four decades. He works well and participates in many languages ​​- painting, production, layout, performance, rendering, photography, photography and poetry, music, and more. Its “Poetic Orbit” 2011-2021 brings together beautiful images and sounds in the Xico way, this time in the NFT version, allowing the guest to enter the virtual kaleidoscope without starting or ending .

Pedro Scooby: Do you want more followers?

Surfer Pedro Scooby’s pilot was caught on the big wave on December 12, 2021, receiving his Distinguished Award at the Nazaré Town Surfing Challenge, and is still considered the largest tube ever. in competition. In line mode, Scooby’s movement is recorded in a fraction of a second, allowing you to write a unique “signature” of yours and change the ingenious maneuver, beyond the image manipulation of images captured by artists Marcelo Pereira and André Weller, in this NFT art.

Metaverse Agency.  Picture

Nazar +, Pedro Scooby

Andrey Guaianã Zignnatto

A self-proclaimed artist and community worker, she presented the work “Xe Rapó” (Minha Raiz) with the film excerpts closing the order in which Zignnatto uses his translation feet and hands to hold the brick against the ground in the hole. brick is completely disfigured. The limbs are made with an artist using bracelets and ankles created by indigenous peoples; “Antropofágico”, a sculpture created by the 9-hole Bahia brick and “Assy” (Dor), gif with the image of the monument in honor of the Anhanguera pioneer.

Holographic Avatar by Paula Klien

The avatar is designed with four holographic expressions that come together in size and follow the movements of the face of artist Paula Klien, where she will describe tokens, metaverses, blockchain, and more.

Rio Innovation Week features support from owners of Legal Aid, XP, Sebrae, Banco do Brasil and Capital Rio; platinum sponsored by BNY Mellon, Betterfly, Icatu; bronze support from Mercado Livre, ApexBrasil and Amazon Web Services. The event includes collaborators such as: Startup Connection, Asserj, Pesagro, ABCOMM, Azov Varejo, Uerj, Instituto de Tecnologia & Sociedade do Rio; Health Meds; ABIH; FBHA; ASCOFERJ; Government of Rio de Janeiro through the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation; Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Equipment; and Tourism; and a partnership between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations.

The event is organized by Base Produções, LER Cultural, Sai do Papel, the Special Office for Culture and the Ministry of Tourism.

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