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Mr. Zuckerberg’s announcement is nothing new. Every now and then an event occurs, with the memorable results of the mountain where the rat was born. It happens with Facebook Places, Facebook Deals, Messenger Payments, Libra, Diem, WhatsApp Payments and Facebook Payments, just to mention the ones that are now most memorable.

Facebook as a platform has, and still is, an incredible success, in addition to the positive benefits of the value of ethical behavior that is the least controversial. To him it seems that Mr. Zuckerberg wants to continue his morality in everything in our lives, digital or not. Welcome to the Metaverse.

The idea of ​​Metaverse is to develop digital technology in a way that consumers will not be able to avoid using them on a daily basis, all related to communication, through meeting, calling, visiting, or even shopping. We are talking about virtual reality and augmented reality that are an integral part of our daily lives. Will Metaverse make our life mistake for gaming? However, this new dream of Mr Zuckerberg is still very productive and incapable of being developed for any of the consumers, including the companies. But why does he kill himself on foot?

Facebook has achieved its business success by leveraging interactions between consumers and businesses, which is why discussions about content management and management perception have always come before. . In fact, it is a platform that enjoys (almost) everything to promote itself at the cost of advertising, as we have seen by many media outlets, recently. which is especially virulent (Frances Haugen). In fact, the Metaverse investment of USD 10 billion reported for the first year alone shows its expansionary outlook.


At first glance, Metaverse just seems like a new guise for Facebook and the like (read Instagram and WhatsApp), which makes sense. It may happen that the joint vision is complete, but that is not a shot in the foot. Utopia lies in the way Metaverse wants to lead the company.

The announcement of the new platform has clearly focused on the integration of the virtual world and the real world, which always includes companies. In digital terms only, the Metaverse still remembers that Two Lives (see, probably on NFTs (Not Fungible Tokens), which can represent all kinds of digital assets. The decision as to whether or not this new virtual world will be willing to live with consumers. However, there is life beyond the digital world only. Can global companies still communicate through Metaverse, using it to promote business ventures, as announced?

In fact, a combination of the virtual world and the real world already exists in China in the form of a Super App, like WeChat or AliPay. In these Super Apps, users can communicate with each other, and participate in virtual games. In addition, customers can also communicate with companies, make purchases, and make payments. And the most interesting thing is that we are talking about every company with an open door in the real world without exception, capable of, for example, paying for a taxi, parking, buy newspapers, or shoes, all in the same application. It is in fact a very simple communication model when compared to the western world, where we have to use different communication applications with different companies. From this perspective, the Metaverse will be a significant change of strategy that has been in place in China for five years.

However, Super Apps is not possible in our area of ​​business, as this would mean, for example, billing, monopoly, across the region. Incidentally, monopolies of all kinds are full of questions in the Western economy (well enough the resulting panorama of prosperity. Big Techs). Therefore, it is unlikely that the Western world will pass the rules that even allow the face of the Super App. In fact, Mr Zuckerberg tried to move in this direction with many of the payment proposals mentioned above, but all failed. So it is unlikely that the virtual tentacles of Facebook will connect to the modern market, with or without Metaverse.

As a result, Metaverse turns out to be just a new attempt to complete integration like the Super App, but with greater simplicity. The idea is to make the price agreement more satisfactory to consumers, even if management is forced to put in, out on Facebook, in the form of Metaverse, to maintain the monopoly of communicate, thus managing the businesses that are on the basis of the business itself. Will not happen. Well, content management already used by Facebook is awesome. And that is why Metaverse is injected into the foot.

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