The ‘Metaverse Fashion Week’ event brings together artists in the metaverse

From the 24th to the 27th March 2022, the Metaverse Fashion Week. Finally by 2021, virtual space, inside decentraland, for fashion events has sold for more than 13 million BRL and, this month, the platform – which enables the discussion of digital assets and assets, in addition to other forms of interaction, which includes sports, art exhibition and retail – promotion. first week fashion in the metaverse.

Metaverse Fashion Week also has the organization of UNXDthe luxury retailer responsible for improvement NFTsIncludes a unique Dolce & Gabbana token collection, launched in September and sold for $ 5.7 million.

This is not the first event on the platform, which has already hosted a show with 40,000 subscribers. Decentraland also expressed interest in delving into it the fashion world with other initiatives, but the digital fashion week will follow up with experiments for brands experimenting with the platform technology and capabilities of this new store.

As it was the first edition, many questions are still in the air about its work. Investigate some of the points below to think about what to expect from the event and what points need to be paid soon for its completion:

What will the situation be like?

four days of Metaverse Fashion Week will be marked by theaters, showrooms, stores, lectures and other virtual events. Until now, only those Dolce & Gabbana has been acknowledged as a participant, but there are strong rumors that Burberry, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne and Tommy Hilfiger will be part of the line-up.

Shop and wear it metaverse, known as leather, will be presented and sold throughout the event. There is also the possibility for brands to repeat some of the patterns in the physical world – this is one of the topics that makes more sense, because brands will integrate virtual with the body. In addition to viewing the virtual assembly, attendees will have access to live music.

The creation of this type of event in the metaverse makes it possible for pieces to be created with materials that were never imagined in the real world, for fashion shows to get the new unexpected scenarios and interesting existing limitations in the organization of a fashion show. The weather will be different, you can guess.

How to participate

Everyone can participate in the event, just by accessing the platform through the app decentral and, by computer, using Google Chrome, Firefox or Brave. To gain experience, it requires an Ethereum digital wallet, which acts as a personal account and allows users to purchase items.

For ease of access, the platform has created a FAQ (site that answers frequently asked questions) with all the necessary information to assist users and report incidents.


As it is the first version of the event, there are many questions about the functionality and presentation of the app Metaverse Fashion Week – showing the relevant points identified during the presentation. One of the discussions is the fact that virtual reality is not always the same as the real world, which can create dissatisfaction and, at first, the inability to come back. of investing for those who have opted for these presentation models.

Also, when you attend a personal event, the problem is the same for everyone there. However, in virtual reality, everyone can have their experiences affected due to other people’s circumstances, such as the connection, computer use and environment in which they see their okay.

But the biggest discussion is about how this type of event will affect small producers. Although numbers are not presented, we know how often the tool can be used to convert text into a metaverse, which requires a capital large. Although the digital world democratizes many issues, such as freedom of expression or the ability to participate in fashion shows without the need for invitations, adapting to new needs investing can only be done for big players.

Another important point is that, although the situation is open to the public – remember that only for those who have access to the internet nem -, the product market is already looking for a way to receive invitations, VIP entry and front seats.

It is all new and obscure, but worth it. Widespreadness is key in accelerating the implementation of this type of exemption, but we only know the benefits when we participate. So we will wait for the next 24 days.

(by: Harpers Bazaar)

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