The man lost almost R $ 5 million after selling the NFT for a wrong price

NFTs are still a challenge for many people, with some not understanding the concept of technology and others not understanding how much anyone can pay for art. In the midst of this confusion, many end up making mistakes, sometimes costly mistakes.

This time the person who made the mistake was a Twitter user who was formerly known as Rock Dust, and now gets the name Rock Dust, about the event. The user made a mistake when registering NFT on the ETH Rock Collection, which is nothing more than a drawing of a rock.

Replacing the NFT at 444 ETH, it offered a price of 444 wei, the lowest of Ether, like Satoshi for Bitcoin, thus losing nearly $ 1 million.

“I mistakenly listed ETH Rock # 44 at 444 wei instead of 444 eth (…) In one click I lost about $ 1 million in debt.”

Putting your money on pictures of the rock is a joke in itself, but losing your photos is more of a reason for people to have fun online, which is true .

“Think about saving all your money on JPG and then losing JPG.”

Even Adam Back, one of the most famous members of the crypto market and critical to the history of Bitcoin, took the opportunity to comment on the history and at the same time criticize how NFTs markets operate today no.

“Right click, save, put into blockchain again. Problems can be solved. Jpeg NFTs are everywhere and new sites can come up with new contracts. Everything is copyable. “

From the point of view, Adam is one of those who do not put faith in the NFT business and believe that they are the only images that can be printed and posted on other people, that is, live in a way, true.

Despite being popular in Brazil, the story unfolded in a comedy, including Adam Back quotes.

Confidence in the NFTs market is very high for those involved in this type of digital art and often small for outsiders.

As the industry evolves, it will begin to gain more and more “productive” human resources, but there is still a long way to go.

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