The leader of the protest Gaviões carnival artist has been arrested by the police

More than a month after he was arrested by São Paulo Justice, Thiago Carlos Dionísio (38), the head of the home of the Gaviões da Fiel, was arrested by police on Wednesday night (11). ).

The civilian police of São Paulo have concluded an investigation into the case of assault on the carnival actor of Gaviões, Zilkson da Silva Reis (42), responsible for the samba school. Police are treating the incident as an attempted murder, although they have not yet determined what prompted Dionisio’s attack on Zilkson.

The investigation was reported to the Office of Public Safety on the 4th of this month by Representative Karla Regina Teixeira, from 2nd DP, in Bom Retiro. As Dionisio did not disclose himself until the time the file was transferred to the MP, he decided to block the closure. Now, the MP will have to decide whether to sue, sue or ask the police to launch a new investigation.

“As a matter of fact, I propose to prevent the closure of Thiago Carlos Dionísio, thus guaranteeing greater security for criminal investigations and the effective implementation of the Criminal Procedure Code. , making it possible to achieve justice “, wrote representative Karla Regina in a statement sent to the MP.

In contact with the UOL Esporte report, Zilkson’s attorney announced that he had left the ICU, but was still in the hospital of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo.

“We are waiting for Zilkson’s return to get him back to the Amazonas and under the care of his family here in Parintins. His condition is still serious and he does not remember what happened. to the day of assault. He was confused and had. difficult to speak “, summarized the defense of the carnival.

According to UOL Esporte, at the scene of the police arrest Dionisio had an attempt to find him by the signal of the cell phone he had. From the Rádio-Base Station, he found a map of the area where Dionysus could be. That is because the ERB determines the connection between the person’s cell phone and the station that provides the signal to it. But police found no signs of equipment that came with Dionisio.

The same happened with Dionisio’s girlfriend cell phone signal, which accused Zilkson of sexual abuse. The woman, who identified herself as Dionisio’s girlfriend, sued the Zilkson Police Department for “sexual harassment”. In the announcement, which UOL Esporte has access to, the girl announced the facts. In the first BO, he said it would happen on the 28th, after that, there was an adjustment and change the date to the 27th.

Vice President Karla Regina took the testimony of Dionisio’s girlfriend, where she acknowledged the evidence presented at the end of last month.

In an inquiry that investigated sexual harassment against Dionisio’s girlfriend, the agent requested that the deadline be extended by 60 days, in order to reach a decision on the matter. happen.

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