The last sadness of the star Romário – 05/07/2022

In historical terms, to talk about Romário we need to use two documents: the ace in the field and the politicians involved with Bolsonarist fascism. There will be no more talk of Romario without change.

When he started his political career, the former player seemed to be involved in the most important things, such as civil rights including inclusion of people with disabilities. But the game went on and it turned to the right and then to the right.

At the end of 2021, the ace said “before Bolsonaro, our country was at war” to prove its support for secession, governance, racism, xenophobia Discrimination, anti-Semitism, democracy, anti-democracy and LGBTphobic policies led by the President of the Republic ..

Someone says that now we are better off than we were in the past to be infected with a disease that is unbelievable or cruel beyond what can be avoided. A minimum connection to the facts, news, images, pain and danger that we are experiencing would be necessary.

After three years of Bolsonaro in power, there was no way to join him without falling into his mud. But Romário did it with the same confidence that he used to enter the area to complete.

Bolsonaro, like the athlete from Romário at the entrance of a small area, had no defense. Find an argument to prevent him is to forgive his offense. There is no way to talk to the people who are still contesting with the worst president in this country ever.

Being friends with him is agreeable with all its benefits.

To befriend it is, therefore, to promote the use of deadly weapons as a biological weapon against its own citizens, it is to turn an eye to the tribes tough money on your business card, it is to measure that the woman is weak, that rape can be a compliment, that a black is measured in arroba, what better boy die over a gay boy, what a political enemy will kill, the abuse is good and the abuse that abuses mothers in front of their children can be. called hero.

Bolsonaro advocates believe that everything goes well in Brazil that eats the bones of dust to survive, that the Amazon can and should be burned in the name of prosperity, that the natives are people lower.

Romario works hand in hand with all this morality.

And now, not just Bebeto, he is talking to Rogéria Bolsonaro – mother of Bolsonaro Carlos, Eduardo and Flávio – in the next election.

In the face of all this danger, it is clear that we are witnessed by the stands of the miserable life of an idol.

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