The judge established the penalty, and Botafogo put Flamengo in the 20th Carioca Championship

With the strange punishment for the rival invented by the referee, the Botafogo took the leader, but withdrew much and tied it up 2 to 2 with Flamengo on Friday afternoon, at CEFAT, to the Campeonato Carioca Sub-20. Glorioso, which has debuts between Alysson and Sérgio Mendonça, is 10 points clear at the table and still in the G-8.

The first half is very tight in midfield, with a few options from both sides. Botafogo, better after the stop, complains about the penalty from Jefinho, no sign. Brendon, at 37 minutes, was the one who did the most unbelievable, at the entrance of the area, but the offside ball was weak and contributed to the defense of Bruno.

Thoughts saved for the second half. Just 20 seconds later, Sapata was penalized by Igor Jesus, Kauê was penalized and scored 1-0 for Botafogo. At 15, another penalty for Glorioso: Sapata returned to the area, this time through Wesley, and Wendel doubled the lead to 2-0.

Flamengo managed to slow down in the next race, with Petterson. And he went all out to find a tie. Diego, Head, and Petterson make the most of it. At 34, the most unusual thing: the lawyer sentenced Lucas Barreto in Mateusão. The red-and-black athlete himself went in and kicked everything off in 2 to 2.

Botafogo competition is coming soon

Botafogo returns to the fields next Friday to visit Portuguesa, at 10 a.m., at the Estádio Luso-Brasileiro. Then, on the 21st, Glorioso meets Audax, on the CEFAT.


Local: CEFAT
Date: 5/6/2022 – 3:00 AM – Three
referee: Thiago Dias Paes Raimundo
Services: Hugo de Almeida Braga and Diogo José dos Santos Araújo
Yellow cards: Shoe, Reydson and Peloggia (BOT); Wesley, Diego and Marcos Paulo (FLA)
Red card:
purpose: Kauê 1 ‘/ 2ºT (1-0), Wendel 16’ / 2ºT (2-0), Petterson 17 ‘/ 2ºT (2-1) and Mateusão ​​35’ / 2ºT (2-2)

BOTAFOGO: Lucas Barretto; Carlos Henrique (Felipe Vieira 26 ‘/ 2ºT), Alysson, Reydson and Jefinho; Peloggia, Kaue and Brendon; Wendel, Sapata (Sérgio Mendonça 32 ‘/ 2ºT) and Maycon Vitor (Jhonnatha 20’ / 1ºT) – Coach: Ricardo Resende.

FLAMENGO: Bruno; Wesley, Diego, Cleiton and Marcos Paulo; Igor Jesus (Matheus Gonçalves 18 ‘/ 2ºT), Daniel Cabral and Kayke David (Ryan Lula 28’ / 2ºT); André Luiz (Werton 18 ‘/ 2nd), Mateusão ​​and Petterson – Coach: Fábio Matias.


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