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David Bennett
David Bennett (R) underwent surgery in January and died two months later (Image: UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE / AFP)

Earlier this year, the news said that, for the first time in history, a man got that change inside heart on ib pigs support physicians and patients. In March, however, David Bennett died, and scientists involved in surgery never seen before have begun check The reasons of a little. Yesterday, it was announced that physical use in the process has a virus diseasewhich may be useful for the unwanted.

In an article in the MIT Technology Review, experts reported that Bennett’s mind was affected by the technology. swine cytomegalovirus. “We are beginning to understand why he died,” said Bartley Griffith, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the United States and a surgeon working on transplants.

According to the scientist, “maybe the disease is the actor, or it could be the actor, which led to” Bennett’s death. The journal articles were presented by Griffith during an online webinar by the American Society of Transplantation last month. At the time, the surgeon also described the efforts of specialists to overcome the disease. The disease is most common in pigs and, in these animals, is usually sneezing.

The biotechnology company that developed the pigs used in the process, Revivicor, refused to comment on the patient’s death and did not make public the disease. When describing the experiment in January, the team working on the surgery said the animals used for the treatment should be free of the disease.

Bennett suffered a serious heart attack and died on January 7 after undergoing a liver transplant. A few days after the pioneering cross-type exchange, he was able to sit on the bed, and his new body was sucked in and out like a “rock star,” Griffith said at the time.

About 40 days later, however, Bennett, 57, collapsed and died a few weeks later. In a statement from the American College, a spokesman for the university said “there was no apparent reason at the time of death” and the full report will be published in the journal research journal.

At the time, Muhammad Mohiuddin, research director at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, thanked Bennett “for his unique role and history in providing a variety of knowledge to function of xenotransplantation. “

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