the group invades the stadium and attacks the fans; see

The Game of Thrones and Corinthians, used for the 16th round of the Copa do Brasil sub-17 and played this afternoon, was marked by a fight in the stands of Ilha do Retiro, in Recife. The match ended in a draw for Pernambuco.

At the end of the 2nd half of the tournament – which was donated by the donor of 1 kg of food – a group of fans entered the stadium and entered to the venue for the audience.

Surprisingly, the fans of Corinth, who followed the campaign, tried to break into the chaos. In the pictures, it is seen that some aggressors wear Sport organized clothes.

The fight went beyond the stand and caused the guard to stop the race for five minutes until security arrived at the scene. Corinthians players even ran to the bench.

After the chaos, the duel resumed and ended with a 1-0 victory for the Games.

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Sport and its president demonstrate

In a statement earlier this evening, Sports confirmed the conduct and announced that the incident was in the hands of the police.

“The sport does not acknowledge the protests of Corinthians fans, by sub-17 CB. depending on the disposal of capable organizations “, writes the organization.

The club’s president, Yuri Romão, has recorded a video reiterating the condemnation of the act, separating him as a “tyrant”.

“I’m here to share my solidarity with the Corinthians fans who stayed at Ilha do Retiro this afternoon to watch the Corinthians’s game, for the Copa do Brasil sub-17, and for evil attacks by vandals “, he began.

“This atrocity is unbelievable by us. This can never happen and we can never let it happen again. I urge our legal staff to be open to all possible causes. nature and we have already made ourselves available to every police officer so that we can give everything. This will never happen again, “Romão concluded.

Corinthians talk with Sport

Also in a statement, Corinthians announced the report that he has already contacted Sport. The club is also very patient with the fans.

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