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Flamengo again here in the country. It is a team that, away from home, feels at home. The crowds follow him. Passion. It is Flamengo love and hate. And so, with all the pomp of the most beloved in Brazil, it will soon be in Castelão. In Serie A, because of his quality, Flamengo should not be in the top 14. Teams consisting of Willian Arão, Arrascaeta, Everton Ribeiro, Gabriel and Bruno Henrique will be in the G-4. It is not. These are sports equipment. In five games, Flamengo won just one: they beat São Paulo (3 x 0) of Maracanã. But it was Flamingo.

Ceará (17th) is in the removal zone. The environment humiliates, abuses, generates an inferiority complex. Local groups were viewed with contempt. But I make a little difference: living in the same area; another, very different, is bought by region. Ceara is not. Have a team to succeed. And so, thoughtfully, I saw an opportunity for Vozão to make the game with Flamengo time to start over. Can you make a surprise? Yes it is. Make no mistake: whoever does what Ceará does with Palmeiras in the heart of Allianz Parque can do anything. Therefore, do not know what happens in Castelão.

In fact

The above statement is based on a special fact that occurs in football. We know it’s not easy, but it happens. For example, Ceará was in Maracanã in 2018 and won (0 x 1) against Flamengo, a goal by Leandro Carvalho. In 2021, Ceará returned to Maracanã. They say it is impossible for two lightning strikes to strike the same spot. They fell. Ceará won again, this time 2-0.

Everything is possible

In football it is like that. When Ceará won 2-0 over Flamengo at Maracanã, Mengão Willian Arão, Gerson, Arrascaeta, Everton Ribeiro, Gabriel and Bruno Henrique were on the field. Keep in mind that Flamengo is even stronger, as the best midfielder Gerson is still part of the team.

did not come

There is concern on the part of Ceará because they will not have two key players in the win over Palmeiras at the Allianz Parque, that is, Rodrigo Lindoso and Fernando Sobral. The absence of Fernando Sobral is the most desirable because with it the characters are better and more consistent. These absences are a real concern.


Tomorrow, another story for Serie A. It will be Fortaleza in Engenhão against Botafogo. Fortaleza played well, but lost too much. Losing games, losing goals, losing confidence. This is heavy. It is also the time for the resumption of the Tiger. I repeat: Fortaleza is not in the evacuation area. Sometimes it is in the area. A good tricolor is meant at the top.

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