The game against Coritiba was the best of Santos with Fabián Bustos

On Thursday night (12), Santos got and beat Coritiba, 3-0, in the return from the third stage of the 2022 Copa do Brasil. With the score, Peixe pulled back a 1-0 defeat in Paraná and secured his place. in the round of 16 of the tournament. Marcos Leonardo, Madson and Rodrigo Fernández scored the winning goals, all in the second half.

At Live do Santos, announced by UOL Esporte After Peixe played, journalists Gabriela Brino and Mauricio Barros evaluated the team’s performance in the Santos area. In the opinion polls, although the team was led by Gabriel Ochandorena, Fabián Bustos’ assistant, the victory marked the best performance of the team according to the coach. so far

“Who would have thought that we would see a game like this from Santos? Peixe won and believed. It was the best game of the team in Fabián Bustos. The team was involved and strong. Very strong in attack. The strength in the stadium is.

After the reporter spoke, Mauricio Barros spoke about the importance of distribution in Santos’ coffers, in addition to overseeing the team’s performance in Vila Belmiro.

“Most importantly, it was a win that earned 3 million reais for Santos’ coffers. The promotion in the Copa do Brasil is very important, considering the financial considerations.” , Fabián Bustos has revealed that he is developing, Since not the first game with a good collaboration by Peixe according to his orders.An example is the previous win, against Cuiabá, for the Brazilian Championship, where the team scored many goals “, started Mauricio Barros.

“The coach is looking for a team and, with that, some of the players have gone up in production. This time, others who have fallen are back with this great moment, “Like Jhojan Julio and Ricardo Goulart. Against Coritiba, Santos has. Several elites, including Eduardo Bauermann, Lucas Pires and Marcos Leonardo”, added commentators.

The next edition of the Live do Santos will be on Sunday (15), after the match against Goiás, for the Brazilian Championship. You can follow on Channel UOLin the Score app UOLon the Santos page at UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on YouTube.

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