The first cycle Web3 ecosystem allows users to see in the metaverse

The transition to Web3 and the metaverse has been a topic of discussion for some time now, which means that both business partners and modern users are already familiar with the The cost that blockchain can send. However, although the benefits have been extensive, the initial entry is too high for the average user, often requiring specialized training, knowledgeable consultants, etc. what state programs to make real.

Think of the Web3 environment, making money, creating games, and handling events including bottom blockchain and token technology, which requires a learning curve for the uninitiated. . Not to say that general marketing is important compared to the Web2 way of being traditional.

WeWay aims to provide these solutions that allow users to transition to Web3 through interoperability, NFT monetization, and events like concerts. The platform works well in four solutions: Office, School, Metaverse and Marketplace.

“WeWay is a technology that integrates blockchain and NFT, enabling content creators and stakeholders to leverage their creative power and define themselves in a future world. , “tells Fuad Fatullaev, founder of WeWay.

The goal is that, with WeWay, anyone can access the benefits of Web3 without wasting time on the complexities of sharing.

Home Blocks for Web Presence

WeWay is an Agency, a service that brings together an artist, brand, blogger or other person online, unpacks their expertise and uses their findings to determine all the best ideas on Web3 environment. With the support of the Office and its key partners and consultants, users will receive the support they need to develop economic models and create an open platform for collaboration. involved.

In addition to promotional ideas, WeWay also allows users to enter the world of Web3 through college. The school module aims to provide support to those who wish to study or participate in the blockchain. Thus, this solution can help engage stakeholders and content creators and their followers, who also need a bridge to the world of Web3.

Most users adopt Web3 for NFTs and sales platforms that allow for exchanges for this type of asset. Thus, both the Office and the College are Business Centers. Here, visitors can engage with interactions with people affected by interactions such as specific topics or access to “knowledge”, and potential visitors optionally broadcast their avatars, NFTs, etc.

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Rounding out the platform is a metaverse, called WeWay City. Like most constructions, the WeWay city will become a place where people engage in social and personal relationships as they do in the physical world, for example WeWay shows. WeWay shows that allowing an artist avatar to reflect in the metaverse as well as unite with different outfits, hairstyles, accessories and hair. The WeWay team will then develop some digital tokens, while fans will have the opportunity to interact with this artist in a digital space.

Together with other online interactions, WeWay is designed to be as useful as possible with AAA images, events and buildings such as cinemas, shopping malls and malls. money.

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