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It is true that Hugo missed the crucial move, something that had already happened in the derby against Botafogo. Your job will be discussed, which is part of the game. But it is important for Flamengo to remember, after the draw in Fortaleza, that the athlete’s mistake was the result of minutes in which, away from control, the team were swift about the occurrence of the area. Hugo is the obvious source of concern, whether there is a thought or a feeling. But the Red-Blacks, at this point in time, are facing serious problems in terms of unity. In the second half of the tie with Ceará, he lost all ability to force.

David Luiz tries to block a shot in the tie with Ceará – Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

An analysis of the causes is not easy in a disaster as it is now. Because, among other things, the red-blacks seem too weak to compete. And in Brasileirão in which the oscillation sweep the table from top to bottom in the middle of an insane sequence of matches, it can be assured that the legs were heavy. The physical problem is not discarded.

But it should also be noted that Flamengo’s best moments in the game have already taken place in the midst of a combination of virtues and negatives. In the first stage, there is a little more control, on the production side. Flamengo was the best team of Castelão up to half time. However, he has created a couple of facts that are not goals scored in a dead ball game. In campaign against it, it is far from a creative avalanche. Even in the face of Ceará which gives place for rapid change.

Without the ball, Flamengo has reported the conflict that has plagued the team this season. A wide range of differences, something that would have been Ceará’s first goal, as the team was slow to intervene in the midfield. Defenders behave badly at many times, either because of the way it controls depth, or because of the position it provides when it runs back or because it is presented in a team that is not always compacted. Sometimes, even in the background, Flamengo is not very strict in character.

And as everything this season has been difficult due to physical fitness, Paulo Sousa has argued that he needs to make changes at work, with the departures of Isla and David Luiz. These are questions to consider. First, however, he had already removed Ayrton Lucas, who had a defensive problem. He ends the game with a different defense from where he started.

The second half seems to bring the red-black willingness to keep the ball and limit risk. But after about 15 minutes, the team began to lose control and found the game playing longer near their defense. Once again, the defensive forces – in this case, Arão and João Gomes – were forced to cover part of the field, which helped to understand the group that lost strength. Hugo had already worked before failing the Nino Paraíba free-kick that decided to tie.

The ultimate goal is a cold shower, but not the worst news for Flamengo, when you think about last year. The point is that the game with Botafogo, the recent competition in which rubro-negro uses their theme design, sees signs of some change. But Fortaleza’s 2-2 feels like a step back, weak. In addition to the missing details, there is a growing stress of development. And in the crazy 2022 of Brazilian football, time no one is friendly.

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