The Department of Health authorizes SUS to use the first drug for mild cases of Covid-19

LUB Ministry of Health recommended for use in Health Unic System (SUS) at first dose for mild pain Covid-19. And the paxlovidcreated by pfizer do and the vaccines nirmatrelvir and ritonavir. The folder has 180 days to provide medical care to the public network.

The drug should not be used on all patients. He will be elected to light and medium frameswho have not been hospitalized or need extra oxygen, but who are at high risk of complications, in the case of people over 65 or over protected disease.

To be valid, you must be screened for Covid-19. Treatment should begin within five days of the onset of symptoms. The antibiotic that causes the condition will be taken orally. To get the vaccine, the person may or may not get the vaccine.

According to the Department of Health, nirmatrelvir is a molecule that inhibits an important enzyme of the coronavirus, preventing it from growing. Ritonavir inhibits another enzyme that fights nirmatrelvir. By the decision of the folder, a reassessment will be made up to 12 months of dosing.

Last Thursday (5), the National Commission for the Integration of Technology in the Health System (Conitec) approved the integration of drugs in SUS. On Friday, the measure was approved by the Department of Research, Technology, Innovation and Public Health of the Ministry of Health.

In March, the National Institutes of Health (Anvisa) approved the use of Paxlovid in emergencies, within five days, and after the presentation of the medical records. It is also recommended not to use it during pregnancy, and in patients with renal insufficiency or renal failure. Prior to Anvisa, the drug had been approved by agencies in the United States, the European Union, Canada, China, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

In April, the Department of Health released baricitinib for severe cases.

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