The day before his debut before Flamengo was under 20, Mario Jorge found himself on the scene: “There is more” | Flamengo

With a long career in Flamengo, coach Mario Jorge has made the biggest challenge of his career this week: the role of coach of the under-20 team.

The incident took place this Saturday at 9:30 am, against Nova Iguaçu, in Gávea, and Mario found himself on time and place to meet the responsibility.

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– I believe I’m arriving at a mature stage of my coaching career and I can never get to a better place. Athletes and leaders greeted me with open arms and I was sure we would deliver a beautiful job – says the coach.

Mario was promoted to the Under-20 after leaving Fábio Matias, now Bragantino Under-23 coach. And history does not exist in Flamengo base. Just last year, for example, he won three of the most important national titles in the Under-17: Brazilian, Copa do Brasil and Supercup.

Mario Jorge in his last game for the Under-17s, last week, in a 5-2 win over Flamengo over Resende – Photo: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

Mario mentions the Brazilian, who Flamengo beat Vasco 4-1 in the final, is the most special of us. He could have done it, too, since his team lost the first game by 3 to 1 and needed three different goals.

– Of course, every title is important, but, of these achievements, the Brazilian Championship is the best. Unfortunately, we had a 3×1 score return and we managed, with the ultimate goal. That day was magical and will be etched in my life.

Flamengo reversed Vasco's advantage and took the name of U-17 Brasileirão

Flamengo reversed Vasco’s advantage and took the name of U-17 Brasileirão

With the eyes of the Under-20s, Mario has an immediate goal ahead: to regain the confidence of the team that started the state as leader and today is bitter after four -Fast play, with three races and one defeat.

– It’s hard, but they are the leaders and the winners here at the club, so he tried to find points to bring it back. This is done by creating a competitive environment and keeping it adaptable to the environment. It is also necessary to be patient, patient and give them confidence.

To create the desired weather, there is no way available in Ninho as Urubu. At the club since 2016, Mario Jorge, 44, has worked in seven different teams and won titles. The time has come for the most important competition with Flamengo and his venture.

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Among the players at Flamengo that is happening, do you believe who has the biggest impact on growth?

-It’s hard to say, because he has worked for so many years with the foundation. Many are gone and some have ended their career (laughs). But here at the club I believe I have a lot of influence on some athletes, like Gabriel Noga, Ryan Luka, Victor Hugo, Matheus França and others.

Gabriel Noga at the age of 15 next to Mario Jorge in Flamengo – Photo: Published

Fábio Matias’ work has been greatly praised, and I think you have a lot of involvement in the short time you are friends. Flamengo. Have you talked to him about achieving the job of a coach under 20? What of it do you want to continue?

– Fábio is a professional, friendly friend who seeks new goals in personal and professionalism. I wanted to try to make the most of what it’s left in terms of content design and information for the boys and gently give a little bit of what I believe as well. Young men can only benefit from this, as they will come out of the category with a lot of experience.

What jobs you have been through Flamengo Since 2016 and what are the biggest courses being studied?

– I came to Flamengo in 2016 and I have always been a coach. I went through the lower grades-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20B and 20A. The greatest lesson is to always be patient and patient, understanding that everything has its time. At Flamengo we have a great school where we work together as professionals and are always ready to learn on our own.

Under 20 years of age Flamengo is the hardest part of your job?

– For details. It’s the biggest challenge of my career right now, but I’m sure it will not be the end and the bigger one is yet to come.

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