The Corinthians engaged in child sex teaching tea; watch video

Corinthians won over Red Bull Bragantino was not the most special occasion of the weekend for Santos and Prates family. But it really helped the family have a happier time after finding out the gender of the new member of the family the day before leaving.

Why? Baby shower by Corinthians fans Vinícius Santos and Karina Prates. The existing games are supported by Timão players thanks to a very special couple: Caroline Santos, Vinicius’ sisters and baby aunt.

“My brother is a fan of Corinth, since we were little, our father (Fabiano) took us to the stadium, the caravan, the Gaviões, the brother saw that he was going to be a father, she and my sister. decided that I would be responsible for the introduction of the child by gender. I Helmafter his video tells the whole story to spread to TikTok.

With the role at hand, Caroline began to think about how she might be able to surprise her parents. And he did. Last week, he went to CT Joaquim Grava and waited for the athletes to leave Timão.

The idea is to get more players to sign the Corinthians bodysuit. And there is more: the aunt hopes that one of them, especially the athlete Cássio, will detonate one of the two rockets that will expose the child sexually.

“I thought it would be Cássio. My brother said, ‘If he met Cássio, he would be called Cássio. Because he liked and admired his work so much,” recalled Carol, talk to his brother. by 2018 and 2019 he says that the future son will be named Cassio Ramos.

And the new aunt did not finish the job. Du Queiroz, Fagner, Gustavo Mantuan, Raul Gustavo, Roni, Lucas Piton, Giuliano, Júnior Moraes, Fábio Santos, João Victor, Ivan and Róger Guedes signed autographs carried by Carol.

The players, who trained that afternoon, left CT at 6 p.m. According to Carol, most of the athletes left when the clock struck 19:30, but there was no sign of Cassio.

“At times I thought, ‘I’m not going out, I’m waiting for something to happen. When will the CT close? 9pm? 10pm? I’ll be here’ (laughs). And then I parked in front of the car and asked for the signature, not knowing who he was. When he rolled the window, it was Cássio “, Carol said.

“He asked who it was and I said yes to my brother and I said I had to carry the certificate, if it could be broken. At the time he got in and out of the car,” he said. the aunt said, that was not yet. ‘do not believe what he did to his brother.

Outside the car, Carol recorded a moment when the Giant revealed the sex of his son: Little Henry, who, according to his father Vinícius, could also call Cássio if he knew the player. Carol’s entire adventure was recorded on video and published by her inside TikTokYou can check it out in the video below.

Asked if, after all the drama was forgotten, it would have been Henry’s grandmother, Carol joked: “I still have not received this request (laughs)”.

Watch the video with Corinthians players

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