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One of the descriptive details is the debt with Giuliano Bertolucci, a well-known businessman in Parque São Jorge. Contrary to what was published by ge, Corinthians did not reduce the debt owed to Bertolucci.

– About Giuliano, there are no equals. We owe him that debt. What’s the deal is around R $ 16 million, which is the responsibility we have with it, and the location of the short and long term. It’s just classification – says the leader.

In the balance sheet for 2020, the figures included are BRL 9.5 million, In this year’s release, Bertolucci appears with two scores: one loan, at R $ 8.1 million, and the other non-current (which can be repaid in the long term) at the same rate, totaling R $ 16.2 million.

In 2017, during the presidency of President Roberto de Andrade, Timão signed a loan agreement with the investor in the amount of R $ 5.2 million, with interest rates of 1.5 % per month.

Wesley Melo, chief financial officer of Corinthians – Photo: Corinthians TV / Production

Another potential lender to Corinthians in 2017 is Carlos Leite. His office oversees the work of Cássio, Fagner, Gil, Renato Augusto and other athletes. Debt with it was R $ 4.1 million and, with interest rates of 1.94% per month, more than doubled, reaching R $ 8.3 million at the end of last year.

In addition to the duo, agent André Cury is also the creditor of Timão. However, in his case, two loans were made for 2020: one for R $ 2.2 million, which was not fixed, and the other for R $ 916 thousand, which jumped to R $ 1 million at the end of last year.

Corinthians financial data shows expenses with investors – Picture: Repeat

The balance alvinegro also presents a loan of R $ 300 thousand contract with Denis Mandelbaum, no interest. The money was spent in 2018 to buy left-back Rael. Denis Mandelbaum is the brother of Maurice Cohen, Rael’s director. In 2019, he and the Council of Corinthians completed this work.

– It is a one-time commitment. We do not want to part with money at the moment. The entrepreneur got the loan, the player has expanded, but he had to pay once, and he was ready – announced Carlos Nujud, director of the training company show at the time.

Rael contract with Corinthians expires in 2020 and has not been renewed. He now defends São-Joseense, from Paraná.

In addition to professional soccer players, different banks lend to Timão, such as Daycoval, Itaú, Bradesco, Santander and BMG. According to the club’s balance sheet, until the end of last year, the debt and borrowing debt was R $ 116.6 million.

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