The Brazilian bought NFT and was pulled into place in Jeff Bezos’ company

Victor Correa Hespanha (28), a Brazilian from Belo Horizonte, bought NFT from the Crypto Space Agency to expand his capital. About two weeks later, this NFT became its winning ticket to the venue.

Its space is secured through a partnership between Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, and the Crypto Space Agency, a company whose team has worked with major corporations such as SpaceX, NASA and others. the.

“We are pleased to announce that Crypto Space Agency @cryptospaceage has purchased the seat of the upcoming New Shepard mission. Looking forward to sending a member of this community to the venue. ! ”

Second Brazilian into place

After investing in NFT by the Crypto Space Agency (CSA) Gen-1 collection to diversify its investments, Brazilian Victor Hespanha has drawn on to hold a seat at Blue Origin’s New Shepard.

In this way, Hespanha would be the second Brazilian to enter the space, after only Marcos Pontes, astrologer and former Minister of Science in Brazil. Through its social networks, Belo Horizonte has always celebrated the fact that it is the first Brazilian tourist site by sharing a tweet from the company that will bring it to this place.

“New Shepard’s 21st mission will include the first Spanish-born women to join @KatVoltage, Evan Dick, Hamish Harding, @hespanha_victor, Jaison Robinson and @VictorVescovo. Flight dates will be announced soon.” shows the announcement from Blue Origin.

NFT that will bring the Brazilian to the scene

From OpenSea he can see the investment of Brazilian Victor Hespanha, 28 years old. Historically, in addition to the ENS collection, this NFT from the CSA Gen-1 collection is the only one that Spain has, indicating its fate in drawing.

NFT by CSA Gen-1 writes, in the presence of Brazilian Victor Espanha who will go into space. Source: OpenSea.

“Two weeks ago I invested in my first NFTs, CSA Gen-1 collection, and immediately I would be the second Brazilian to go into space. My God! The World First Cryptonut”

Currently, the starting price of this NFT is around 0.245 ETH (R $ 3,000), so it has been estimated that this is a price paid by the Brazilian who, to his surprise, did not even have the space to the place as part of it. preparation.

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