The biggest winner of the Copa do Brasil is still alive – Jaeci Carvalho

If there is a restriction on Cruzeiro n
If there was a restriction about Cruzeiro not hitting Remo, he would have dived into the water (Photo: Juarez Rodrigues / EM / DA Press)

He suffered, with a goal from Edu almost at the end of the game, and even more so, when Remo had a chance to win in fifth place. But Rafael starred a brilliant star, the sacrifice of a young player, who excelled on the field, and a score of 5-4, on penalties, caused Cruzeiro eliminated Remo and advanced to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

The tournament could not have been without its biggest winner, 6 titles, at this stage. It is worth noting that in football, we have already seen a lot of surprises, and, although the Cruzeiro team has not been the best of recent times, there is nothing against it. block them from advancing. Knowing the shortcuts, he knows like few others, given the amount of trophies he has in his entire gallery.

I want to tell the blue fan that he gave the instrumental for the support, do not stop and sing from beginning to end. The crowd of Independência helped him to win the place. And there is an illustrious fan in there. Ronaldo Fenmeno, the owner of the team, which, in addition to the celebration of the division, also celebrated the R $ 3 million that would go into the club’s account.

We know that after the world scorched, every penny was needed and made a difference. Ronaldo managed with an iron fist, because he was a good businessman, but he could not forget to pay the contracts of the suspended staff.

There are people who are deported and do not get their rights. This is the responsibility of the boss, and Ronaldo knows it. There is a worker who earns very little, and has to pay to provide food at home. There are children who need to be supported and it is in his right to get everything that is due to him.

Current income will be used to cover these significant expenses. Everyone understands Ronaldo’s problem in managing the club, but he also needs to understand the needs of the staff. Apart from this card, the work was not good, and, in most cases, the area, the group had gathered, gained trust and indicated that it was able to return to the people. important at the moment. That’s important, and keeping the middle of the hand, as you are doing now, is important.

China Azul celebrated the division and for the teams competing in Serie B, including Bahia, with 13 points, but this must be controlled at every match, so that they do not never lose contact with people who really need it. go up.

I am very proud of Cruzeiro, Grmio and Vasco back to the elite, because they are 3 big people, won the national cup. Serie A needs them, joins their friends. Many things ahead, many problems will still arise, financially and technologically.

That is why I would say that Ronaldo should hire the number 10, the manager’s experience, even if Rafael has been brilliant in the penalty shoot-out, and four more players will have to sign for the July, and provides a multi-body group, a kind of support for young people. .

If there was a restriction about Cruzeiro not hitting Remo, he would have dived into the water. Win in normal time and penalties. He won a place in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, R $ 3 million in his account, and the recognition of a country of 9 million fans, who never get tired of This award is huge on Brazilian football.

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