The best NFT games to earn 2022

NFTs are a new concept in the cryptocurrency industry and have attracted celebrities from all over the world, including Neymar, Eminem, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, among many others, to invest millions in ntu. But what, after all, are NFTs, and what is the best time to make money from them?

The term NFT stands for, in English, non-fungible token (non-fungible token). In other words, they are special objects, like art objects, that cannot be replaced by others of the same kind. Its value is in its uniqueness.

For example, consider something fungible, like a R $ 100 bill. You can exchange it for two R $ 50 bills, five R $ 20 bills or ten R $ 10 bills, because the key is not is the bill, but it costs. NFTs are specially designed, like the pictures from Monet or Rembrandt. As much as there are replicas, imitations or paintings inspired by them, there is only one original of all, and its value is incalculable.

Made by blockchain technology, NFTs can be tracked and acknowledged, but not exchanged, making the business safer.

NFT games

In that sense, what’s the difference between an NFT game and a regular game? The fact is that NFT games use non-fungible tokens, that is, the player will be able to have some special features, such as behavior with special features and properties. use special, which will make it different from others and profitable to it in the market.

Now, there are great options for those who want to join the fun with the possible to get the most out of it. To help you break ground, we have selected the best NFT games to earn money.

Best NFT Games to Earn 2022

  1. Lucky Block (LCK) – Online lottery, safe and with lots of daily competition
  2. Pegaxy – Horse racing in futuristic mythological style
  3. Axie Infinity – This game has animals for you to create and use in battle
  4. Bomb Crypto – First through the game to get digital benefits
  5. Light Nite – The goal is to survive and benefit along the way
  6. Zero NFT – Ragnarok returns, bringing the benefits

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Now let’s analyze each game individually, to understand how they work and what are the ways in which they benefit. After reading, you will be able to decide which one is compatible with your profile and your preferences.

1) Lucky Block (LCK)

Playing lottery is fun for millions of people. Even better is the ability to do this in the comfort of your own home and with greater transparency. That is why, in Lucky Block, the first lottery based on cryptocurrencies, all exchanges were registered with blockchain technology, which protects the system from fraud.

Lucky Block is the answer to the market for the growing demand for online gambling, with the quality of the platform being decentralized, that is, it does not connect with local financial companies or systems.

With lower and higher rates of daily draws, with no restrictions on the area, the chances of winning over attendees increase. Also, the prizes and jackpots were delivered as usual, without delay.

The other most important is the Lucky Block payout distributed to all token owners, whether they win or not. To purchase tickets, users use LBLOCK, the platform of digital benefits with high prospects for 2022.

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2) Pegaxy

A game based on a racing game – so Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy), which offers many opportunities for participants to earn money.

Along with the future mythological style, magpies (horses) are the descendants of the mighty Pegasus. And with all races participants can receive prizes in the token used on the platform, VIS (Vigorus).

But it is also possible to benefit from renting hands to participants who do not have the money to buy NFT. Thus, the financial benefits will come as determined by the parties involved.

Finally, another way to get money back is to sell your horse or offspring which he, over time, will provide.

The game is very fun and will hold your mind, since knowing the details to win the tournament can be very difficult.

Read more about Pegaxy

3) Axie Infinity

Inspired by Pokémon, Axie Infinity is a game in which participants can collect animals, called axies, that will attack others.

Axies are special creatures that evolve throughout the game, depending on the time the player uses them. As a result, they are stronger and more prepared for battle, which also increases their market value.

The player frequently participates in the changes of his axis, choosing the features that he wants to improve in his vision in order to improve it. This is a job that requires a good shot of strategy, as it will define the success of your business’s future.

The main way to make money in Axie Infinity is simply to sell the axis or their offspring, since these “little monsters” can breed. But Battlefield still gives SLPs, the game token, to the winner.

In addition, he is able to participate in open competitions, which can be very rewarding.


4) Bomb Crypto

Another game in the game-to-get strategy (play to win), the main purpose of Bomb Crypto, which is the essence of Bomberman, is to destroy monsters or other people. competition.

By the way, of course, the player retains BCOINs, the platform of digital benefits. In order to enter the game, a participant must acquire the NFT (NFT) behavior. There are six modes: more, less, super rare, epic, legendary, and super legendary.

The higher your hierarchy, the greater your ability to collect BCOINs. What gives the game such an attitude of imagination is that it can not pay more to have a super legendary character, for example. The discovery of NFT is random – so it depends on each person’s fate.

As the symbol has a power bar and can be depleted at certain times, it is recommended to have more than one. So, when one of them is out of the game, you use the other and continue your fun to earn more cryptocurrencies.


5) Night light

In this game, the main goal is to survive. Many players join simultaneously and try to eliminate opponents.

As you progress up to Night Lite, participants get NFTs – at least some. All of these items – weapons, clothing, accessories, etc. – can be traded in the store with other players.

The less, they are more profitable and therefore the more profitable the business is. As with every game-to-get game, the potential of the rewards is linked to a unique time for the game. Thus, the refund will depend on the commitment of each player.

During the game, there are also some competitions that can give good prizes. You need to be aware of the opportunities.

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6) Zero NFT

Anyone who loves the explosion and success of Ragnarok in the early 2000s will be happy to know that Zero NFT is the beginning of Ragnarok with non-fungible tokens.

Players will develop their own characters and develop strategies for, ultimately, fighting to conquer and maintain their castles – each different from the others, with unique themes.

During upgrades in the game, participants can trade or sell their products – the cryptocurrency used in the game is ZERO.

Non-stop events as well as special events are available to participants, as well as weekly battles between groups. As the game itself website, there are unlimited ways to “play to win”.

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In the morning, the market for NFTs seems unrestricted – there is still a whole world to be explored. But the truth is only that this change is here and its presence will happen again.

The unique characteristics of tokens give them a high value by a high rating. After all, how much is an item with the necessary special features in a game? Well, it’s worth as much as any other player willing to pay, depending on his needs and goals.

But regardless of the benefits, NFT gaming is the best form of entertainment. Lottery, adventure, action, war, racing, all of these are available to players from four corners of the globe. This is a time when fun and business ventures seem to get involved. There are many opportunities for those who want to combine both.

According to our review, the best game of rewards is Lucky Block. The main purpose of the lottery is to reward the winner and therefore with lower costs involved in the process and more draws on a daily basis, the greater the potential of victory for the players. Payments, in tokens, almost simultaneously, which is a great advantage over regular lotteries.

But the other five listed games can also bring good revenue to the players. Pegaxy, Axie Infinity, Bomb Crypto, Light Nite and Zero NFT are many options for participants. As they play-to-receive game style, the more users are passionate about, the more ways it will receive rewards and the greater the enjoyment of its NFTs.

So, take advantage of the information and have fun. Remember that nothing is guaranteed, but with passion and imagination, it is possible to achieve great results.

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