The best Moto G family phone in history

The Moto G line is one of Motorola’s most successful in Brazil and worldwide. This is due to the fact that the target from Lenovo has managed to sell more than 100 million units of the model worldwide, with 40 million of these devices alone in the country.

But what could be the best cell phone of this family? What features now in every part of the Moto G have helped boost sales to the point where this line makes sense to the company and the public?

Review all the answers throughout the article and feel the nostalgia recall of the biggest hit of the Moto G line.

Moto G

The first successful intermediary

Launched in late 2013, the 1st generation Moto G is the game changer in the mobile market. This is because the devices sent to the public are very different which gives the migration of the users from the mobile phone easily to the smartphone.

The fluid, attractive features, colorful back, among other features, have helped make the Moto G the first smart device for many Brazilians. The average specs allow the user to experience the same amount of time in an astonishing way.

After all, the device has a Snapdragon 400 platform, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. While these setups are not surprising today, at the moment it is a big step in the industry.

For those who have migrated from the feature phone – the famous “tijolão” – to the smartphone, it is the easiest and cheapest way to make this change in Brazil, and it not the status of the property in the country. .

Moto G2

First with Digital TV

Although the Moto G2 4G (2nd Generation) does not have a lot of features that prove it is a convertible of the G1, it brings the difference that is gaining more and more popularity among the people who have achieved the migration process to smartphone.

These devices were the first brand to have Digital TV, and having a cell phone that allows you to watch your favorite open TV channel anywhere is a different quality. The feature has helped a lot to give more versatility to the product.

The screen is another important factor, as that was when we first began to see Motorola’s greater risk. Thus, the G2 gets a 5-inch display and has more internal use than its predecessor.

Another important feature for the public and that makes it more accessible to people looking for a cell phone with a TV is the use of two speakers with stereo speakers. Thus, the smartphone has become a very smart and attractive multimedia space.

Moto G4 Plus

The fingerprint reader and camera are more powerful

The Moto G4 Plus is one of the biggest changes to the Moto G family since it was bought by Lenovo in 2014. This device brings a lot of new features to the family that is already famous and integrated. in the Brazilian market.

Generations developed in 2016 also marked the existence of the fingerprint reader, which is the biometric system widely used today. The feature came in a square compartment in front of the cell phone and was attracted to listeners at first glance.

Another highlight that stands out in the G4 Plus is the 5.5-inch screen. This bigger image is a big difference for people who have eaten a lot of YouTube videos, as well as videos and videos from other streaming platforms.

In addition, the G4 Plus has undergone a series of imaging adjustments to allow for greater flexibility in lighting. To this end, Motorola has implemented a 16 MP sensor for the rear lens and taken the cell phone to a new level in the mid-range.

Moto G7 Power

The bigger battery is its difference

The Moto G7 Power arrived on the market in 2019 and surprised by offering a more powerful battery for those looking for a smartphone focused on self-regulation, since keeping it away from electricity for a few hours or days is a different welcome.

In this device, the capacity of 5,000 mAh allows the public to know all the functions in it without having to worry about recharging further. On the hands of some, it can last up to 2 days away from the charger.

As self-regulation is paramount, the Moto G7 Power is also surprisingly responsive to the old demand from users of the Moto G line.

Previously, this biometric feature was attached below the logo, and this caused the public to confuse the Motorola icon with a physical option to activate the phone. By changing the position of this feature, it is possible to enjoy a more sober look on the back of the product.

On the front, the 6.2-inch “Max Vision” screen has been accompanied by a notch with the same format adopted by Apple in its iPhones since 2017. In video, the modification to the same sensor in the background allows the study of more stable. shooting options.

Moto G100

The arrival of Planned Parenthood

The Moto G100 is a surprise in the 10th generation of devices in the Moto G line, because the smartphone has governed itself by everyone who has already started by the brand, especially is about characteristics.

Recognizing that there are three times as many lenses as four squares due to the square module, the G100 brings good news for Motorola in 2021. One of them is the 64 MP main sensor, which it can detect. variety when killed. . use.

Not only for the quality of the image, but also for the fact that this lens is hybrid and allows captures in macro mode – with greater proximity to the object – to be done in a certain way which exploits all the sharpness delivered by the Omnivision OV64B sensor.

Moto G100 (Image: Ivo / Canaltech)

Another term called care is the illuminated ring – the ring light style – now on one of the lenses, because it helps to improve the illumination of the object in the light lower to the quality of the image better.

And as if all of these options weren’t enough, the premium mediator came up with the Snapdragon 870 Platform to compete directly with the various Xiaomi models, and even launch Ready For As Different.

This device is now the main competitor of Samsung DeX, because it allows the connection of a mobile phone with a TV or watch or mirror screen, as well as access to a new way of working to become a multimedia center, a computer and even a portable one. the console.

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