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“Flamengo does it at home”. The famous phrase describes the historical relationship that Rubro-Negro has with players from the ground up. A study of Statistical Spy Check out Garotos’ use of Ninho in the main team with the last four instructors who passed by Fla and find the facts interesting: Paulo Sousa is a coach who has often taken advantage of the basics in recent years.

In 25 games with Paulo Sousa, the home team played a total of 8,218 minutes – an average of 329 minutes per game. For example, Renato Gaúcho there is a 167% increase in the average minutes of athletes in a single game. The average of the previous four coaches was 183 minutes giving the boys a game, that is, an increase of 80% with the current coach.

Hugo Souza, with 1863 minutes, and João Gomes, with 1701, were the baseball players used by the Portuguese coach. Compared to the entire Rubro-Negro group, both are just behind Gabriel, who has 1987 minutes in 2022.

The other player to earn the most points of the season is Lázaro, who has played 22 matches, scoring two goals and providing assists – is the team leader along with Arrascaeta. It is worth noting that the player was even thrown out by coach Rogério Ceni and almost left the club.

Lázaro against Altos-PI – Photo: Photo: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

Minutes between base players with Paulo Sousa

Hugo Souza 1863
Gomes 1701 ib
Lazarus 1077 ib
Matheuzinho 913 ua
cleiton 425
Gabriel Noga 388
Marcos Paul 289
Matheus França: Do you want more disciples? 247
Igor Jesus 222
Matheus Cunha 194
Wesley 194
Thiaguinho 175
Andre Luiz 146
Yuri of Oliveira 144
Victor Hugo 62
Daniel Cabral 47
Kay David 33
Werton 31
Mateusão 29
Ryan Luka 18
Richard 13
petterson 7

Who also uses the foundation a lot is Rogério Ceni. The coach took advantage of 23 players, one more than Paulo Sousa, but the average minutes on the field for the boys were 26% lower than at present. With the former manager, the most used base player is Matheuzinho, with 2,278 minutes in 33 games.

Another expert who emerged from the Rubro-Negra base was Domenèc Torrent. In 26 games under his command, the underfield players played a total of 5,629 minutes. An average of 216 minutes per game. Hugo Souza is an athlete who lives in the field mostly with the Dome. The athlete has 1,287 minutes with the Spanish. It is worth noting that the club has gone through the revelation of Covid-19 and needs to raise more players early on.

Renato Gaúcho and Jorge Jesus are teachers who at least take the basis of their work. In 58 games with Mister, players averaged 132 minutes per game. With Portaluppi, in 38 games, the average drops to 123 minutes per game.

The Statistical Monitoring Group is composed of: Felipe Tavares, Guilherme Maniaudet, Guilherme Marçal, João Guerra, Leandro Silva, Roberto Maleson and Valmir Storti.

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