The apartment in Braga is fully paid with cryptocurrencies. It is the first business of its kind in Europe – Business

National real estate agent zom claims to be the first business to sell a unit in crypto assets, No need to convert to euros before work. The work, which involves the joint venture of the law firm Antas da Cunha ECIJA and another partner of Crypto Valey in Switzerland, is considered to be the first work in this model to be done in Europe. This is considered to be the first transformation of digital assets into a physical device, this is the T3 unit in Braga.

In the words of Carlos Santos, CTO of Zome, “The connection of digital to physical means is of incredible value, and the first step in connecting the body to the digital in areas as opposite as a home and a piece of software. We are committed to continuing to invest in technology and placing ourselves at the forefront of the Web 3.0 world, to keep up with industry trends and, most importantly, to be able to provide the best service to our customers. “

Zome “data-title =” Zome – The unit in Braga is fully charged with cryptocurrencies. It is the first market of its kind in Europe – SAPO Tek “> zom

The company believes that the future of integration will be in the crypto and the industry with a sensible kick-start of a new phase of the industry. The law firm is responsible for overseeing the development of operations, including the tax process, and most importantly for ensure that businesses comply with the protection laws of the financial and financial system.

Stakeholders have identified, the procedures followed as guaranteed, in addition to the origin of the crypto assets are traced, to ensure the authenticity of the digital assets before the end of housing contracts. The purpose of the public deed is in accordance with the most recent Notarial Act, led by the Bastonário dos Notaries in Portugal, Dr. Jorge Silva, who did this The first civil service was in Portugal, followed by Europesaid the company.

It should be noted that in October 2021 beautiful homes were also exchanged in Madeira by cryptocurrencies. However, with the difference at the end of the agreement, to boost cryptocurrency sales, the company developed a new system that allows for the integration of new business areas. this into its internal KYC (“know your users”) code. to complete the exchange in euros before registration, thus making it possible to comply with European law. The garden will cost 3 Bitcoinsthe equivalent of 110 thousand euros.

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