The 13-year-old girl became a millionaire in less than 10 months selling NFT

NFTs are gaining more and more popularity

NFT– is the term for Non-Fungible Token, that is, it is the right of the original creation of digital materials. They have become one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world in 2021, with a 55% increase in sales over 2020, which went from $ 250 million to $ 389 million. In practice, they act as collectibles, which can not be played, but exchanged. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and many other electronic devices, NFTs no exchanges are possible.

You NFTs They can be anything digital, but much of the hype revolves around digital art. They can represent any object, whether real or not. The Non-Fungible Token cannot be exchanged, as it represents something personal and unique by the actual card, so if you try to make an exchange that does not even Bitcoin will have some completely different.

This is a decentralized database that is famous for serving as the basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is a system by which it is possible to track the receipt and transmission of certain information. All transactions are recorded in a file format that can be accessed by any user.

Knowing this, a 13-year-old girl called Nyla Hayesdevelop a passion for marketing NFT very different between young people of the same age. Hayes decided to bring his talent to the arts and enter the global market. In fact, there is nothing better than doing this in the blockchain market, especially in NFTs, where the talent was viewed well by many entrepreneurs. The young woman created a notebook and in 10 months she raised US $ 7 million with the show.

He created statues of dinosaurs based on his passion and named them “long-necked”. The work is made up of 3,333 mutations of women with long necks, which is in stark contrast to its variability. NFT. The Young Woman’s biographies tell of 100 women who have marked history, e.g. Frida Kahlo, Michelle Obama, Toni Morrison and Beyonce.

“I like to paint women from all over the world because of my diversity and background,” Hayes said. Currently, the total collection is worth more than R $ 139 million, and the NFT The most expensive is sold for R $ 57 thousand.

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