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Announcement / City Hall of Rio

Future Work Week, a collaboration between the Office of Operations and Income and Instituto Ideias de Futuro, runs Monday (25/04) and ends Thursday (28/04) . The event is aimed at people in the state who are planning to enter the technology industry and learn more about the agreed-upon careers, including the use of technology in the web. 3.0, e-commerce and metaverse. Registration completes this Monday. Proof of education or prior knowledge is not required.

Work Week of the Future starts this Monday at 7pm on Youtube. The next day, our workshop with a different theme will begin, but that will involve technology and operations.

Among the main topics of course are metaverse training, life project (personal goal and work plan) and online sales. In addition, valid classes will be held at key points for the preparation of a good profile on LinkedIn, which leads to greater satisfaction of recruiters and better connections with people. work and information.

Participants will be referred to a Telegram team, which will bring the curiosity and information of the topics of the training.


All graduates will gain access to the Instituto Ideias de Futuro network of trainers, with the goal of bringing them into their interests. Upon graduation, students will also receive a certificate from Future Work Week.

Check time:

04/25 ib – Open Live – presentation on how to learn how to work, with experts:

Vitor Del Rey – president of the Guetto organization;

Rayene Albuquerque- Senior R&D Analyst Magalu;

Robson Santos – Magalu Research and Development Director;

Andrea Poça – Representative of the Department of Education;

Mediator – Camilo Santos – Executive Director Instituto Ideias de Futuro

04/26 ib – Workshop – Web 3.0, Metaverse and NFT’s

Lauro Gripa – Founder of the Brazilian Polkadot community

04/27 ib – Operations – Online Sales: E-Commerce / Marketing and Partnerships.

Camilo Santos – Chief Executive Officer of the Instituto Ideias de Futuro

04/28 ib – Workshop – Creating my future career: Canvas and Linkedin

Jaciara Cruz – Social Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Ideias de Futuro Felipe Moraes – Nubank Recruitment Specialist

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