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From Paolo Tomaselli

“If I think about their sacrifice, my mother, who used to use gasoline tips and take me to training: now we’ll be fine. “Germany is better than us, but we are young, we have to grow.”

In the nightmare, Willie
Gonto At 18 years and 222 days old, he became the youngest blue goal scorer, snatching the 1958 record from Nicolé in seven days.

“It does not help, I’m sorry he failed like this. “The most important thing is to win, but it gets worse.”

After three positive races, Italy seems to be back and now they say, “Where do you want us to go with Gnonto?” What do you think?

“It’s not Gnonto’s question or I do not know who else. The Germans have a high position in all areas, they are far ahead of us, and certainly not since yesterday. We were a group of kids until two weeks ago, never playing together. We are trying to start over and we have two difficult years ahead: happy, quality and experienced. Let’s see what happens. “Right now I am thinking of doing well in the European Under-19 Championship: we have a strong team.” ..

Did Mancini say something stuck with you?

“He collected the 8-9 players he called up after the stage and told us we had to be ready. There I realized he really believed in us. And this left my mark. “What the coach did with us kids was not considered. It was a strong sign.”

Mancini added that she has a bright future because “she has a head.” What does it mean?

“It means staying in balance. I did not know much before these four races, but now maybe I am more than that. But I “Not so much before and now I’m not a phenomenon.”.

Can you get a high school diploma in sports science?
“The situation is ‘so’ clear for the European Under-19 Championship. I will bring the books there too, there is no other option.”

What did you study in the Italian retreat?

“Where I struggle the most: chemistry, physics, mathematics.”

It was not for nothing that he studied at a two-year traditional high school.
“Yes, if I were not committed to football, I would not leave him, but you must be behind all the time with subjects like Latin and Greek.”

Secondary Certificate of Exit?
“Between 7 and 8: Very good.”

Which language do you speak?

‘English, French and German I will have to take another exam when I return to Zurich. “I manage in Spanish.”

Aside from learning and language, do you enjoy reading?
“Yes, everything related to football and other sports: I read the biographies of Messi and Maradona and the story of Shevchenko and LeBron James will follow.”

His parents’ pride for his first appearance in the national team made it clear that his path, though short, was already important. Is that so?
“These days I have realized many of the dreams I had when I started playing. And I owe it to the many sacrifices made especially by my parents. “What they have done for me is incredible.”

What did you not forget?

“Many times there is no money to go to Milan to train: My mother works at a hotel in Baveno and hopes to get tips on how to pay for gas. “When I was young I did not know, but now I am 18 years old, these things make me feel weird.”.

How is money relationship now?

“I am happy because I see that my family lives like they deserve. “A lot of people said I left Inter for Zurich specifically for money, but that’s not right: it’s right to play in the first team.”.

Do you feel more mature than players your age?
“In a sense, yes: playing abroad, I have a different experience.”

Did Messi’s signing make him successful?

“But at least against England I took Sterling’s shirt, which is another example for me.”

“Willy doesn’t have time for a driver’s license and his girlfriend,” says Mom. Confirmation?
“I confirm.”

In Bavin, your parents are in charge, so they are the field owners?

“Yes, I organized competitions, competitions: I think I started playing there with my father and my cousins ​​before I was five years old. I did not expect to reach that level, but I already know that in my life I have always wanted to play football “.

How did you experience this epidemic when you were sixteen years old?

“It has been difficult for the last two years because I have made the most difficult decision in the middle so far. “I always try to look the light: I have plenty of time to think and get out of my comfort zone.”.

What is a decision?

“There was a chance to show my value in the first team. Zurich risked me, I was lucky to meet them. And there are parents with.

What are his best qualities that he needs to do for the future?
“I have a pretty fast run, good technique, good hitting.”

How do you feel about Inter?
“Gratitude: They gave me the first big opportunity and they taught me almost everything. This has made a difference for me. ”

Dad says his dream is to return to the Nerazzurri. Confirm this?
“I do not know, I can say that I am an Inter fan and I want to come back one day. “I have a lot of time in front of me, we will see calmly.”

Does the money transfer market attract you?
“I have dreams like everyone else. “But I stay away from it because a lot of things are not true or in any case I can not control it.”

To continue playing at your age, is foreign football always better than in the “old” Serie A?
“It always depends on the team and the players: we talk a lot about us kids, but we also have to be clear.”

The story of his family with the role of priest in Bavin, which provided a home for his family, is also a good example of welcome and integration. What reflection does it bring?

“I am a good person and I am lucky to find other good people who have a big heart. We have to say thank you to those who helped them in their hardships. When we can, we will return to you. And if you can help our turn..

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