Table salt: see how it’s keeps you healthy and has some tips to change

Novo Hamburgo, May 15, 2022, by Jones Backes – Everyone knows that too table salt causes many health problems and is a villain of health. What many people do not know is that almost all diets, most of which are commercial, have high sodium content, much higher than those recommended by the World Health Organization for daily consumption.

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In this sense, we already know that Brazilians love foods that have seasoning and flavor and, as a result, they end up exaggerating both sweet and savory. table salt. That is why it is important for you to be aware of the important issues that salt causes to health and is our topic today.

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Learn about the effects of salt salts on health and the restrictions recommended by a doctor

table salt
Table salt: see how it’s healthy and have some tips to change / Source: Canva Pro

Too much salt affects the brain, kidneys, taste, vision, heart and other tissues in the body. According to a report by Ieda Jatene, on February 14, 2022, published by the Veja website, these ingredients increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and respiratory failure, kidney dysfunction, blindness and even delusions. In addition, one of the most common diseases caused by sodium is hypertension, which causes high blood pressure and can lead to heart attack, stroke and other problems.

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In addition, these products promote weight gain and fluid retention, in addition to aging of the cells and skin and dehydration of the body. Thus, with many side effects, it is important to limit daily intake to five grams per person. So, here are some tips to replace salt with health and natural.

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Here are some spices that will help you change it

You’ve already seen the problem that salt pans present to health, so check with Agro News for some tips on spices and sweets to replace these dangerous products. To add flavor and aroma to food, you can mix a tablespoon of basil, oregano and lemon zest. In addition, you can use spices such as rosemary, parsley, pepper, coriander, ginger, garlic, onion and shallots in the preparation.

All of these products are healthy and help promote good health and prevent that disease table salt cause. That way, in addition to being healthier and more nutritious, you will also leave your food with a delicious seasoning and flavor.

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