Symptoms of the disease Animal diseases are found in men who have received a pig heart

A 57-year-old Maryland man who survived two months with a heart-altered genetic mutation carried signs of the disease infecting animals, according to a surgeon. first time.

The presentation supports one of the most pressing concerns for animal mutations in humans, which is that the widespread use of animal mutations in organs can promote the spread of disease. new to humans.

The presence of DNA in a patient can indicate the presence of a virus that causes its rapid destruction and death on March 8, Dr. Bartley Griffith, a transplant therapist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, spoke during a presentation to the American Society of Transformation.

Dr. Griffith’s remarks were first reported by the MIT Technology Review.

The pig has undergone genetic modification so that its body can not be affected by the human immune system. The heart was given to the patient, David Bennett Sr., by Revivicor, a drug rehab company based in Blacksburg, Va.

Company employees declined to comment Thursday. School officials said the animal was diagnosed with a virus called porcine cytomegalovirus. But the tests only show the active bacteria, not the latent ones that the virus can hide quietly in the pig’s body.

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Bennett’s transition began to be seen as complete. He showed no signs of degeneration, and the pig’s liver continued to function well for a month, becoming increasingly important for the transition patients.

An experiment showed that there was porcine CMV in Mr. Bennett 20 days later changed, but at a lower level that Dr. Griffith said he thought it might be a mistake in the lab. At 45 days after surgery, Mr. Bennett became seriously ill, and subsequent experiments showed that the disease was getting worse, Dr. Griffith said.

“So we have started to think that the disease that occurs very early on Day 20 is only a small beginning to grow in time, and it will be an actor – it could be an actor. show – that set it all up, “Dr. Griffith told other scientists about the change.

Bennett’s health deteriorated as soon as 45 days after the surgery, he said.

Dr. “On day 45, it was really fun,” Griffith said. “Something happened. She looks sick. He lost his temper. He will not talk to us. He was lying in bed breathing hard, and feeling warm. “

Heart transplants are one of the many changes made in recent months that hope for tens of thousands of patients who need new kidneys, heart and lungs in the face of insufficiency. the human body.

But the prospect of an unprecedented outcome – and especially the potential for the spread of animal diseases in the human population – could lead to an interest in the use of these drugs. genetic mutations.

Many scientists believe that the virus is transmitted from animals to animals, as yet unknown, to humans in China.

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