Subscription home service in Brazil started somewhere in the cryptocurrency metaverse

A pioneering subscription service provider in Brazil will have a virtual space in the cryptocurrency exchange. This initiative is also another way to attract consumers to the new technology that the world is going through.

This metaverse concept is based on old ideas and practices, but it has gained momentum in recent months due to the entry of large technology companies into the market.

In this way, with every application being developed and implemented, many companies using technology are also seeking recognition in the industry.

Subscription home service startup launches space in cryptocurrency metaverse

Housi is a company established in 2019 to support home services. Thus, consumers can choose where they want to live and pay the rent based on the time of choice.

And as part of its innovative process, start-ups will enter the metaverse of Decentraland, one of the most well-known in the cryptocurrency industry.

Alexandre Frankel, CEO of Housi, said that his company is always looking to do with innovation, with search experience even in the tokenization industry.

“The theme of Housi is new and engaging. We kicked out the world when we launched the first business connected with tokenization. Now, with Metaverso we can help our customers everywhere. Consider living in Housi from another state involved in the Metaverse event, and best of all, at the time. “

In addition to metaverse access, the company will sell NFTs to its customers that will give them access to future perks, art created by the mascot company, Otto Bear. When visiting the venue, customers will be able to see the art created by collaborating with artist Beto Gatti.

Physical experience with the metaverse

The company CEO also reported on a room actually set up to expand previous experience.

And the location of the company will be at Rua Bela Cintra, n.º 1425, in São Paulo, where customers can visit the “Housi do Futuro” location. Thus, the physical and digital experiences of consumers will expand.

“We want to continue with our goal of connecting people with new knowledge and now we will continue to do that in Web 3.0. The idea is to inform Housi in the future. People will have The ability to live in Housi to have a life in the same world. It’s like a black room, it will be our Housi Pink Mirror. “

On May 18th, four specials will be released, as in the Decentraland metaverse.

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