Startup DUX has received an investment of R $ 10 million

Founded in Juiz de Fora, in Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais, DUX, the largest crypto-gaming community in Latin America, recently received two major investments. The first is R $ 7 million, from Old Trafficking Research (OFR), an investment in blockchain many ideas developed by former leaders of the global cryptocurrency market exchange Binance.

The second is a joint venture of R $ 3 million from Animoca Brands, the global leader in sports and blockchain, with a record of more than 170 investments in NFT related companies and projects affecting the development of the open metaverse. With the revival, DUX aims to develop new technologies and complete business expansion, breaking the Web 3.0 edge issues.

For the founder and CEO of DUX, Luiz Octavio Gonçalves Neto, the investment indicates that the company is moving towards the right: “All this is proof of the work we are improving. A year ago, we started curating news from the crypto world to, today, become the first Scientific Research Institute in Latin America and still one of Animoca Brands’s first investment in the Latin American market. Having business support is very important to us, because it allows us to build a strong and collaborative community, which is good for our players as well. fully. “

For investment analysts at Old Fashion Research Guilherme Bisoli,, DUX today is a company that promises and invests in the information that the fund has created for the new partnership: “We invest in companies, teams and new ideas, which are powerful. In order to improve the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the entire Web 3.0 in a positive and meaningful way, for OFR it It is important to invest in similar plans that help investors to diversify their business, especially in emerging markets that have good potential, such as Latin America “.

DUX ecosystem

In Brazil, DUX contributes to the growth of the local economy through investment Scholarships (bag player) in their guilds for Play-to-Earn (P2E, “play to win”) game, also known as NFT games, blockchain games and cryptogames – a format in which products are purchased in NFT and players benefit from cryptocurrencies for their development in game.

LUB to start Establish a business that facilitates human access to Web 3.0, as CEO of DUX explains: “The guild connects entrepreneurs, who do not have time to play, and players, who have no money to invest, from anywhere, are one of the best ways to prepare and train players for a game and manage and maintain digital assets efficiently, effectively and efficiently through the entire team. “

DUX has the greatest guild as well Scholarships of game Axie Infinity in Latin America, with US $ 1 million in investment and more than 5,000 Axies, NFT marked by the game, gave prizes to a team of almost 2 thousand players. LUB to start also has the largest guild in it game Star Atlas in the world with 7,000 players, Brazilian StarAtlas Alliance (BSA), with more than US $ 700 thousand investment.

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