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According to the’s special lawyer in the field of sports law, Luís Eduardo Barbosa, was contacted by ge to assess the potential punishment for the sport, the only way for the main team suffered some penalties in the Brazilian Championship if Ilha do Retiro was affected due to the confusion caused by the members of the organization.

Violence by members of the football tournament against Corinthians fans of Ilha do Retiro – Photo: Marlon Costa / Pernambuco Press

This is stated in article 211 of the CBJD (non-compliance with the site that has been notified of the event with the necessary procedures to ensure full accountability and safety for its implementation). complete), which also applies to fines from R $ 100 to R $ 100 thousand per year. club. In addition, the sport must submit its sport in another location, but right to the public.

By the way, according to Luís Eduardo Barbosa, the STJD lawyer can claim the involvement of Ilha as Retiro in the defense, even before diagnosing the problem in an experiment.

If requested by the STJD attorney to rule Ilha do Retiro, this applies to all sports, including Series B. And this punishment can be prevented, as it happens. with Grêmio last year (due to the impact of the field by the fans of the Arena do Grêmio, in the game against Palmeiras and the depredation of the VAR booth) “.

– Luís Eduardo Barbosa, lawyer

Corinthians fans protested by Sport organizer warning strike in place

Corinthians fans protested by Sport organizer warning strike in place

As the lawyer heard from ge, In case of loss of control of the field, because of the denunciation in article 213 (failure to comply with these measures can prevent and increase the negative in their sport) this penalty only applies to the under-17 Sport team, in the Copa. do Brasil. Category Brazil. The lion is divided into three stages of competition.

In addition, even if he is referred to the professional team, because the game is a contest of “cup” nature, the penalty will still not apply to Série B and only work for next year Copa do Brasil.

– True Sports should be penalized with a loss of control of the area because it does not prevent or attack (interference). But this loss only applies to the tournament (Brazil Cup U-17). The team is not at risk of losing control of the area because of this – he added.

Cabral Neto talks about violence on the Island:

Cabral Neto talks about violence on the islands: “Impunity is a good friend of violence”.

It is worth noting that the intrusion of visitors works was reported in the context of the contest by lawyer Paulo Belence Alves. “In the 41st minute of the second half, I stopped the game due to confusion among the fans. Sport Club do Recife fans invaded the area prepared for the Corinthians fans, at in the electronic scoreboard. Security was turned on and after resolving the confusion, I restarted. The game stopped for 04 minutes “, he wrote.

The phrases that Sport can announce:

Art. 191. Failure to, or interfere with, compliance with:

I – by law; (BC).

II – on a decision, resolution, decision, need, request or action or function of the CNE or the governing body of the sport in which it belongs with or without; (BC).

III – custom, general or special, of competition. (BC).

PITY: Well, from R $ 100.00 (one hundred reais) to 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand reais), with deadline for compliance. (BC).

Art. 211. Do not meet where you have indicated the event should be accompanied by the necessary infrastructure to ensure full guarantee and security for its realization.

PITY: fine, from R $ 100.00 (one hundred reais) to R $ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand reais), and the impact of the site, when appropriate, until the rules are in place order has been completed. (NR).

Art. 213. Failure to follow measures that can prevent and control:

I – conflict in your park; (BC).

II – invasion of the field or place of play; (BC).

III – Toss the ball on the field or at the venue of the game. (BC).

PITY: Well, from BRL 100.00 (one hundred reais) to BRL 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand reais). (NR).

§ 1 In the event of inconsistency, trespassing or release of a material that is too heavy or causes damage to the promotion of the sport, the training organization will be punished. with the loss of a command of one to ten matches, events or equivalent. , when participating in political campaigns. (NR).

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