Signal Creator and Elon Musk Destroy Web 3.0 and Ethereum

Web 3.0 promises to be more distributed, more independent to users, and a whole new world of capabilities beyond the reach of technology. However, the dream of freedom seems to have turned into a nightmare in the middle, according to Moxie Marlinspike – cryptographer and creator of the messaging app Signal.

In the article “My First Interest in Web 3.0”, Moxie Marlinspike talks about her experience with Web 3.0. But what will this new website be?

“web3 is a slightly ambiguous term, which makes it difficult to evaluate what the theory for Web3 should be, but the general research seems to suggest that Web1 has been affected, web2 has mediated everything across platforms, and Web3 will decentralize everything over … web3 should give us the richness of web2, but decentralized, “said Moxie.

Create a “Decentralized” application.

The cryptographer ventured into developing a decentralized application called Autonomous Art, “which allows someone to mint a token to an NFT by making a visual aid for it.

The cost of visual acuity increases over time, and the amount of money a participant pays for a mint is distributed to each previous performer (seeing this financial model would be great like the pyramid).


It has also developed an art derivative dApp, allowing the exchange of assets that track the value of certain tasks, based on the benefits of financial transactions.

Web 3.0, is not as decentralized as it seems


Upon entering this market, the developer wonders how the ecosystem works and makes some discoveries.

“Both [aplicativos] made me know how the office works. Clearly, there is nothing special “sending out” about the apps themselves: they are just the usual websites in React. “Distribution” refers to where the state and the logic / permission to modify the state reside: on a blockchain rather than in a “centralized” database.

It also found that wallets like Metamask only use intermediaries from companies like Infura or Alchemy, with no credentials, user-proof or privacy.

Therefore, decentralization is only for “English view”, as users do not analyze data and rely on rooted platforms, just like web 2.0 with Facebook, Google and other companies. Large barn.

“It simply came to my notice then. A lot of work, energy, and time has gone into creating an unreliable approval process, but almost every consumer who wants to access it can only trust it. for the benefit of these two companies without further proof, ”Moxie writes.

NFTs and time elapsed

In addition to the importance of user interaction, the author criticized what NFTs have done. Most of them just include the link without checking what the image should look like.

The joke with the status, the developer changes the image in its NFT according to the IP of every user who accesses the site or the consumer. The result is this:

NFTs that are changed by the users

In addition to that, it also shows that wallets like Metamask trust the presentation of NFTs to API calls from rooted platforms like OpenSea. In this way, anyone with NFT removed from the platform is unable to view it.

Elon Musk and others agree

Moxie’s impressions resonated with the Bitcoin community. Developer Matt Corallo says:

“Bitcoin may be in a better place, but the article also discusses the difficulties of centralization and how goods flow into it. Bitcoin does not prevent this. Reliable UX is difficult. And, no, “everyone will just run RPi[Raspberry Pi] at home ”will simply not happen. I’m sorry. “

Elon Musk recently agreed:

Even Austrian Brazilian economist Fernando Ulrich echoed the text in the video below:

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