Shakhtar Donetsk tried to regenerate when Russia invaded Ukraine

The last few months in Ukraine have been marked by fears of a conflict involving the country with Russia, which has led to Ukraine’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. Since then, some of the zeal has been quickly eroded by the military.

In Donetsk, a city that is part of the rich region of Donbass, vital to the economic and financial independence of Ukraine, the city club, Shakhtar Donetsk, is in poor condition. ceased suffering after the arrival of the Russian army. “We lost our home and many lives” said Dimitry Kirilenko, director of the club in an interview with MARCA in Spain.

He, who was forced to flee with his family to Croatia, said that all Ukrainian football is very shaken by Russian military service but has not yet been paralyzed, “We have prepared a shake up recent friendships to raise money and donate to the poorest people ”, said. .

The service collection of the games hosted by the Ukrainian club also told Shakthar staff, “We have paid a certain amount of money to the staff to support them and it is good to know that all the living “.

Shakthar, who had not played in Donetsk since 2014, due to the beginning of violence between Russians and Ukrainians, played in Lviv, and later in 2017 in Kharkov. Every city was under Russian control.

With the stadium empty, revenue fell sharply, “we lost revenue in the stadium, but at the same time we have risen in other additional services,” said Dimitry.

Relations between Ukraine and Russia began in 2014 when Vladimir Putin called for the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, a Ukrainian breakaway region.

With the Russian invasion on February 24, Shakthar Donetsk along with other Ukrainian organizations gained international support, “When the war started, every European football organization supported Ukraine. All international fans, join Ukraine “announced.

But not everyone has spoken out in support of the Ukrainian cause, Dimitry said that “no” Russian organizations have declared support for Shakthar or Ukraine, “I do not think the Russian group is any different from them. government “he insulted.

“No time to play in Ukraine”

With the construction of human corridors that have already helped more than 3 million Ukrainians flee the war, much has been said about the return of the former in the country, which is in limbo. at least 18 areas.

Kirilenko said he was one of the leaders who was passionate about the return of Ukrainian football, “This month we will have a discussion with the Federation (Ukraine) and the presidents of the team will how can we start a race. “

Another way for the resumption of national football to pass the waste option: Play in Ukraine. According to Shakthar’s CEO, “no chance to play in Ukraine”, this solution will allow Ukrainian clubs to play in Poland or Turkey.

Time is running out for the country, and the risk of this season being thrown away is significant. If that happens, Ukraine could not have the representatives of the European Union, “the World Cup began early this season, so we only have two or three months to complete the process. competition. “

The Ukrainian national team has already recruited national players, and has trained in Slovenia for the qualifiers, where they will meet Scotland in Glasgow, “They have a strong desire to fight for Ukraine and appropriate for Qatar “.

Ukraine and Scotland will meet each other on June 5, and the winner will play Wales in honor of participating in the Qatar World Cup, where they will be in Group B with England, the United States and Iran.

Brazilian athletes need it


With the potential advantage of playing with Valencia in hand and the prospect of playing with Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​Dimitry Kirilenko has not released his Brazilian midfielder, whose contract was suspended extended until June by FIFA decision.

“They have the permission of FIFA to stay until June and the decision on what will happen to their contract can then be discussed,” said the manager. who signed star David Neres from Ajax Netherlands in January 2022 for € 12m. Euros, and even. not used regularly, it was confirmed with an interview with Benfica.

The Brazilian has been linked with a number of other team-mates, including striker Pedrinho, ex-Corinthias, and Dodô, ex-Vitória, who have decided to wait until the end of the season to sign him. for a temporary contract.

In all, 44 Brazilian players from the first division between Ukraine and Russia received these privileges to extend their contracts until June. 23 players received the transfer, from 13 back to Brazilian football.

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