Sex of ‘Funny Old Man’ – 06/14/2022 – Mirian Goldenberg

Have you ever noticed how many couples over the age of 70 wear only panties in a sensual scene in a Valentine’s Day commercial? Do you find it free to see the body differently from the image in most advertisements? Always full of young and perfect looks?

The fashion, advertising and beauty industries seem to find that we are all or will be old tomorrow and that we want to love, date and horny at every stage of our lives.

Older people in recent years have stopped seeing and are ashamed to express their bodies and desires. Advertising is successful because they represent the changes that are taking place in Brazilian society. We are beginning to take away the glass of old phobia that sees only the gloom, the depravity, the misery and disease of old age, to see the beauty, the joy, the lust, and the joy in this stage of life.

However, the 65-year-old psychologist’s warning is remarkable: “Suddenly, everyone starts to think that the old man, the white-haired man who was considered scary, has become fresh. Pretty. You can no longer paint you rich. To show that you are old. It has become fashionable to respect diversity and put old quotas in advertisements and fashion shows to be politically correct. The market is not stupid, it wants more profit. He found that the elderly also have money and that they are still greedy for dating and enjoying Have sex.

It’s true: older people date, have sex, and feel tired for the rest of their lives. But why the re-discrimination of the use of the verb “still” when it comes to love, sex, and maturity?

For more than 30 years, I have shown that aging can be a stage of achievement, joy, discovery, achievement, enjoyment and learning. It’s time to let the “lust of the soul” grow like the old woman I researched said: “It’s the first time I can be myself, I’m never free, I’re never happy, the best time for my life “It’s a real revolution.”

It’s what I call the “old revolution.” If in the past I also had panic attacks of old age and could only see the evils, diseases and losses in my aging process, today my focus is on the joys, the learning and the desire to live. Increases over time. ..

As the 72-year-old doctor shows, the intimacy and trust gained over time allows for new ways to enjoy himself and his wife. Despite the fact that the frequency of sexual intercourse has decreased significantly compared to adolescents, he reported that he felt confused in his relationship with his wife:

“The biggest problem is not age, it is the period of relationship. It is almost impossible to maintain lust in a half-century marriage. Even though dinosaurs are on the verge of extinction, I bought my wife a bra and sexy pants. For Valentine’s Day, it is important to break the taboo that older people are not confused, even though the body changes over time, we can not stop laughing, dating and joking. Only in sex, but mostly in desire, pleasure and pleasure of being together. In fact, my passion today is more delicious than free and rich. Creativity.

The elder, who was “still” confused and “still” dating, was accused of being a “funny old man,” as revealed by a 73-year-old business woman. For her, the biggest racism and intolerance against aging comes from the women themselves:

“As my granddaughter says, I’m hanging out with a boy who is younger than my daughter. I have heard from my daughter and my friends that I’m the perfect example of an old woman who is crazy, crazy and funny. I press the fuck button what they think. I’m not ashamed to feel tired, date and want to enjoy every minute of my old age. I want to be a funny old woman rather than a bitter woman. Do not love and be unhappy what they are like. When they call me I assume ‘I’m a funny old woman so what?’ “.

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