Sesc São Paulo will have a comprehensive program that respects diversity and will broadcast Camarote Solidário – Agência AIDS

At Sesc, everyone is welcomed throughout the year. Physical diversity, storytelling and facts are always a priority in programming every month. But that does not stop us from sacrificing a special look until June, when LGBTQIA + pride is celebrated.

According to the watchdog, death and violence against LGBTI + Brazil continue for the fourth year in a row to become the leader in the ranking of homicides with lgbtphobic incentives. In the country with the most LGBTQIA + killings in the world, Pride Month is more than a party, it is time to reaffirm their rights and ensure that their stories are not lost in a sea of ​​violence and Discrimination. For this reason, our program avoids forms and ranges from sports activities to document editing obligations through screenings and discussions about transgender and transgender employment opportunities.

This year, SescTV’s YouTube channel will broadcast the Aid Solidarity Box live on Sunday, June 19. The 19th edition of Camarote will take place from 1pm with presentations by journalists Patrícia Palumbo and Drag Queen Dindry Buck and featuring Zélia Duncan’s participation and music, as well as conversations with activists from the movement. LGBTQIA + about diversity, public policy. And human rights and live coverage of the Gay Pride Parade in S ប៉ូo Paulo. Created by journalist Roseli Tardelli, Camarote aims to raise food for NGOs that welcome people living with HIV / AIDS and the most vulnerable.

Check out the following table of Sesc São Paulo in the month of diversity:

VII LGBTQIA + Film Festival

The full program, featuring 27 productions from different nationalities, including short films and films from the VII LGBTQIA + International Film Festival, is now available on Sesc Digital. The festival is held between 9 and 15 June and is co-organized by Sesc São Paulo and the EU delegation for the third year in a row. Movies can be watched for free and without registration at


Need help changing names and genders on documents? Guidelines for making your CV? PoupaTrans is a support service window for LGBT + people, especially those who are infected. Collectives provide assistance in correcting names and genders in documents, preparing and printing CVs, and supporting victims of violence. The service is available at Sesc Santana from Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 5pm until July 3.

Badsista.  Photo: Pedro Pinho

Love is love

In June, Sesc Avenida Paulista invites the public and people attending his event to celebrate love in various forms. From June 12 until the end of the month, you can follow the #AmoréAmor series of testimonials on the organization’s social media. Follow on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Storytelling found in PET bottles at Beira da Maré

Grupo São Gens de Teatro (PE) theater performances include space, landscapes and concepts, the universe of mangrove forests, tides and the diversity of subjects and their storytelling. The wonder is created from Anderson Leite’s experience in the Ponte do Pina riverside community in Recife (PE), where the author and his family seek to make a living from their family network. Long term selfie fishing and sururu fishing. Embedded in a storytelling that goes through his own writers and those who share a place to stay and / or live, the writers and directors give life to a production that aims to discuss topics that are most important to today’s society, such as: : Homosexuality, rape, harassment, police violence, racism and social vulnerability. In this way, the presentation shows the urban space of Recife and its relationship with the margins, and aims to discuss the problems in the continuous flow of the favela, revealing its poems and everyday illnesses. The seasonal performance takes place at Sesc Avenida Paulista from June 17th to July 17th.

Transgender football and their challenges.

The birth of football in Brazil is marked as a matter of novelty, but also a departure from the social hallmarks of diversity. Prohibited for black and poor women for decades, to this day we experience the effects of men’s futsal in the 1930s, but for women it became official only in practice. It was only the 1980s and it was 50 years between one permit and another that ultimately made the difference we see today in the female and male categories in all football practices.

It is in this sense that the conversation with Bernardo Gonzales, the man who changed teachers and the amateur football player, will move forward. Continuing the right to practice sports, even in the volunteer category, emphasizes the importance of community building, which requires not only the four lines, but the right to empower oneself and others to develop unknown and creative skills. Another football storytelling. . The event is live and free and takes place at the Sesc São Carlos Theater on Thursday 16th at 2pm.

Photo: Presentation

Futsal presentation with Sport Clube Trans Mosqueteiros

Founded in 2019 in S ប៉ូo Paulo by the dreams of Gabriel Cardoso and Tatto Oliveira, Sport Clube Trans Mosqueteiros’s activities have been disrupted by epidemics that have even led to mass dismantling. In 2021, it was reconstituted with a commission composed of transnational men of Tatto Oliveira, Bernardo Gonzales and Matheus Oliveira. Due to the efforts of the commission, the Sport Clube Trans Mosqueteiros became the only group of transgender men to win the LGBTQIAP + Championship in Brazil, held in S ប៉ូo Paulo. On Thursday the 16th, they show off their talents with a ball at the Sesc São Carlos Gymnasium at 3 p.m.

Solidarity Cabin

Solidarity Box of the Aids News Agency is back to encourage LGBTQIA + solidarity and pride in the São Paulo Parade, and once again Sesc São Paulo will be present with a live stream of all the virtual reality shows on Youtube from SescTV . The 19th edition of Camarote will take place on June 19 at 1pm, with presentations by journalists Patrícia Palumbo and Drag Queen Dindry Buck and featuring Zélia Duncan’s participation and music, as well as talks with activists. From the LGBTQIA + movement on diversity. Public policy and human rights and the live broadcast of the Gay Pride Parade in S ប៉ូo Paulo. Created by journalist Roseli Tardelli, Camarote aims to raise food for NGOs that welcome people living with HIV / AIDS and the most vulnerable.

Mixed Volleyball Festival

Sesc Pinheiros opens court to organize mixed volleyball festival! Ânges Vôlei, formed in 2008 and the largest cross-border women’s team and athlete Tiffany Abreu, the first transgender woman to take part in an official competition in Brazil. The festival takes place on Saturday the 26th from 1pm to 6pm and aims to promote sports and resistance without any discrimination or disrespect. It is not necessary to register in advance.

Diversity and Paulista of Untold

What do voices represent in history? From the cut of Avenida Paulista creations, this introductory tour, which takes place on Sunday the 26th, will discuss the perspectives of stories related to different characters such as: deaf lgbtqia + black people and indigenous communities Less. In this way, the public will be invited to reflect on past and future events related to some past and present storytelling so that we can propose to a contemplative future of a diverse and democratic city. Activities include a visit to the Mirante do Sesc Avenida Paulista.

Visual Intervention Peripheral Licks Political Art on the Streets

Computer licking: The political art

On Sesc Catanduva’s Youtube channel, Coletivo Lambidas Periféricas presents visual interventions of lamb and art style aimed at enhancing the visual appreciation of the LGBTQIA + art community from the surrounding area and people’s access to the arts. And the culture of these collectives. Black and computer accessories as well. And to package this creative mix, there is still a podcast with the City Council for your rights. Catanduva homosexuality. All this on Tuesday the 28th at 8pm.

To my parents proudly

The project, launched in October 2020, invites the public in Sesc Santo André to send a message about how it’s experience to be LGBTQIA + to parents or other family members who have assumed this bond in the family. Of them. From the first reports received, the treatment team extracted words and phrases that became a huge mosaic, and the print turned into a universe of microchronicles. The mural can be seen today at the Technology and Art Center in Sesc Santo André. After listening to the children, the project continued with the testimony, but now in the mother version. In “A Voz das Mães” a video was released about a woman who was part of the NGO Mães pela Diversidade in response to a report that was unveiled on the wall of the project “To my parents proudly”. The video, available on Sesc Santo André Youtube, brings a message of support, empathy and hospitality.
The entire trajectory of the project, with chronicles produced by participants and their testimonials, mother’s videos and photos of embroidery, can be accessed at

Drag Residence

The lodge is a laboratory where 10 traction artists immerse themselves in the experience of self-knowledge and the increase of their potential from their traction. During the stay, shey mentor Sheyla Müller – Zecarlos Gomes’ personality, who is also an actress, director, comedian and graduate of the University of Brasília – introduces the selection of enticing artists in the creative process beyond makeup and makeup. lipsync. As a result of this art research experience, in addition to strengthening the local LGBTQIA + network, the process will result in a performance with the artist, which will be unveiled to the public on July 3 at Sesc Interlagos.

LGBTQIAP + Representative

Overwhelmed with Pride Month, the Biennial Welcome Book at the Salão de Ideias is being debated by Sesc São Paulo about LGBTQIAP + representatives in politics, the media, the labor market and key social institutions. Joining the conversation were Renan Quinalha, professor of law at Unifesp, author, lawyer and human rights activist Samuel Gomes, content creator, author, diversity consultant, activist for black and LGBT + causes, and Letícia Lanz, psychologist, gender and sexologist. Uerj and Master of Sociology from UFPR. The event takes place on Saturday, July 9th, and admission is free for those with a full certificate. Find out more about Sesc Na Bienal do Livro at

Aid Agency Solidarity Box

The Camarote Solidário has been around since 2002, taking a three-year hiatus in 2013 and 2014 when it gave way to the Solidarity Trio, and in 2020, the year it did not occur due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, more than 20 NGOs received donations. In its latest edition, Solidarity Virtual Cabinets has collected 2.5 tons of food and 10 institutions have been counted.

The publication of the event was supported by SESC and Senac São Paulo, pharmaceutical companies GSK ViiV Healthcare and Janssen and Galeria 2001. We also have an institutional partnership with Cultura TV, which will feature supplements and information about HIV and prevention during the program. The public is invited to donate food and the IG Portal will cover the entire event.

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Aid Agency Solidarity Box
When: June 19
Between 13 and 18 hours.
Broadcast on Youtube, Facebook and TV Agência Aids

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