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Discussions on the formation of the Brazilian Football League (Libra) have escalated in the last few days – after eight organizations signed a design proposal. But consensus is needed of 40 organizations in two groups. And that has not yet happened.

This Friday, there was a discussion of non-signatory organizations to Libra. After the meeting, the new blockchain created a letter reiterating the terms created by Liga. The main problem lies in the fact that the parties of this new block reject the percentage of revenue shared for participation in agreements established by Flamengo and by organized by São Paulo.

Cuiabá and Fortaleza were the first publishers of the literature, by association. Then, the other organizations join in the same way (see the list at the end).

  • Serie B clubs and 14 of A study Libra rule

CBF Office, Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF

  • In design, Libra has chosen two leaders to play formalization and initiatives
  • For Serie A clubs signed the formation of Libra, the Brazilian football league

The script was developed by the participating organizations See you this Friday. In the text of the questionnaire, they referred to the meeting, which was aimed at discussing the opposition protests to be presented to the formation of the League.

– Among the issues discussed, the most important is the distribution of income in a way that contributes to the improvement of competition, contributing to the current situation of competition. opponents are not the same – says the text.

The eight organizations that have signed the Libra formation (Corinthians, Red Bull Bragantino, Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos and São Paulo, Ponte Preta and Cruzeiro) have agreed to share funding with:

  1. 40% equal to equal,
  2. 30% conversion by turn
  3. 30% different from engagement and audience.

The 27 groups involved in this new block, however, present a difference. They will be:

  1. 50% dividend evenly
  2. 25% for work
  3. 25% for participation

The process of engagement, in turn, is still being discussed – as stated in a statement issued by the organizations.

  • Disagreements over revenue sharing have led to the impact of new institutions on Libra

In addition, organizations are also looking to ensure that the income gap in these exchanges is not too large. The idea of ​​the bloc is to establish the maximum difference between the highest earner and the lowest earner – at 3.5. Under the circumstances, the demand for 20% of revenue for Brazilian Series B was also discussed.

Organizations that sign and publish the letter

  • sports
  • Atlético-GO
  • Hawaii
  • brusque
  • Ceará
  • cuiab
  • Fluminense
  • The power
  • Nautical
  • PR staff
  • sport

NOTE: Serie A and B clubs discuss the fight for league formation

Most of the football associations that are part of the A and B series of the Brazilian Championship continue in their efforts to form the Premier League and, with this goal, meet on Friday afternoon. lunch to discuss the steps that will lead to a secure and sustainable, equitable, equitable future of the forces.

Among the issues discussed, the most important is the distribution of revenue in a way that leads to an improvement in competition, making the current competition different.

The points obtained in São Paulo by the other 6 organizations perpetuate the abyss that exist today, by holding an equal share of the revenue of 40%, while in The best performing percentage of this can reach 68%, plus all domestic, international and domestic markets, for example in the Premier League.

It is not uncommon for some organizations to receive six times more than others, while in the best teams in the world the difference is not more than 3.5 times.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the adoption of areas that do not like poles that are difficult to measure, especially in terms of engagement. Such procedures, in the view of most of the organizations that participate in the meeting, only perpetuate the position of superiority of others, do not give time to equal again in the championships.

The formation of a league of 40 clubs will be an opportunity to exchange Brazilian football and this goal can not affect the personal preferences of the couple, petrified for many years in the best of capital. We know it would be unfair to seek equal income, but the balance and distribution are better.

Brazilian football would not have progressed without the consent of the 40 clubs in the A and B series where the fair distribution of revenue would have led to more controversy.

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