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Of the four interim measures (MPs) approved by the Chamber of Deputies to be elected in the Senate, MP 1.080 / 2021, which expands the purpose of using the resources of the Budget for Uses and Implications of Final Performance. of the Federal Police (Funapol) to authorize the financing of health plans and payment for health care in a timely manner.

The text replaces Act 89/1997, which established Funapol. Historically, MPs have only authorized the use of up to 30% of the total resources for medical and transportation costs, services and food for servers in the advertising or operation of a network. situations. However, the change agreed in the Chamber increased the percentage by 50%, also including expenses with payments.

Under the terms of the agreement, payments will be made to Government Police personnel who may have been at the disposal service, as in the past, pending a call to notify the program. after it is regularly 8-hour or 40-hour working weeks. Income and community security will not be liable for unemployment benefits, and benefits will not be included in an employee’s income or used as a basis for accounting. results.

Covid-19 vaccine

Senators will also be pleased with MP 1,083/2021, opening up a special credit of R $ 6.41 billion for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccine. According to the government, R $ 3.6 billion will be used to develop and provide 120 million vaccines from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. For the National Health Fund (FNS), R $ 2.81 billion will be used to purchase vaccines from private physicians. The money comes from borrowing money through the publication of National Treasury bonds.

Due to Legislative Amendment 113, enacted by the PEC dos Precatórios, up to R $ 15 billion of restricted reimbursement can be applied to the cost of the vaccines covid-19 or relates to the turbulence and temporary functioning of local businesses. Thus, the increase in scores would be supported by a lower budget.

voluntary public service

MP 1099/2022 was also approved by the House of Representatives and submitted to the Senate, which established public services reimbursed by grants from the city and linked to the completion of these projects. learned from the beneficiaries.

Through the National Program for Social Work, in conjunction with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, cities will pay for free, due to the assistance provided by the city activities based on public interest. test. The program is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 29 and people aged 50 and over who have not been legally employed for more than 24 months; Changes have been agreed in the Chamber to include people with disabilities as target audiences.

Scholarships do not count toward the maximum income for living in a CadÚnico Coalition, and can be included in the Scholarship. Supplementary (BPC) payments for the disabled, including retirement benefits. . or emergency services.

Penitentiary Fund

Another MP of the process in the Senate created a floor of 40% in the required transfer from the National Penitentiary Fund (Funpen), administered by the Union, to the state budget, the Federal District and counties. Prior to MP, Complementary Law 79/94 enacted this change to 75%, in 2017; up to 45% for the 2018 fiscal year; increase to 25% in 2019; and a fixed rate of 40% next year. The text of MP 1.082 / 2021 was approved by the representatives without any change.

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