Semantix provides NFT algorithms to strengthen Metaverse and Web 3.0

Semantix, a company specializing in Big Data, Analytics and AI, will build around 100 algorithms available on NFT (non-fungible token) throughout 2022. old output: even NFTs are thriving in industries such as art. and game, this is the first time tokens have been used for algorithms. With the launch, Semantix intends to support the Metaverse and Web 3.0 environment data areas, as well as other industry-leading innovations.

We want to foster a creative and attractive environment for companies to enjoy digital assets and in every potential this new venture represents.

With the NFT market, algorithms developed over many years by Semantix specialized teams will be available to companies at various stages of digital development, enjoying the rapid pace of cost reduction. In addition, users of the Semantix Information Platform (SDP) solution will be able to integrate the process on their own, among other capabilities of monetizing the platform. SDP is a complete data management tool that, among other tools, includes a sandbox for data research to develop their own algorithms. Algorithms originated in SDP can be used in different other platforms.

The Semantix Store is now available on the OpenSea platform. The company will provide around 100 proprietary algorithms, at an estimated cost of 10 new offers per month. The algorithms can be used in a variety of companies, such as public works, public administration, retail, business and other areas. Other services can also be developed by SDP users.

new industries

By providing algorithms on NFT, Semantix once again demonstrates its impact and becomes a leader in the technology industry. And the company bets on partnerships and a lot of actors to keep the business is increasingly prosperous and new. “NFTs represent revenue for Semantix and SDP users. This may be a novelty, but our main goal in providing algorithms in this format is to support Web 3.0 and Metaverse data. We want to create a creative and attractive environment for companies interested in digital assets and in all the potential that this new business represents, “said Enio Moraes. DPO, CISO and Director of Operations Information at Semantix.

Semantix also wants to attract new companies to this environment. “We expect more agents to use our algorithms. They are the result of many years of work by specialized teams, and are now available to companies at affordable prices with almost immediately. Our goal is for these assets to participate in the digitization industry of more and more companies “, he concluded.

What are NFTs

NFT is the English word for a non-fungible token – in Portuguese, “non fungible token”. This is a code with a transfer file, which guarantees its legitimacy. The guarantee of NFTs is developed by Blockchain, a distributed, traceable base and considered very secure – it is a process used by bitcoins, for example.

Unlike other digital assets, NFTs are real, meaning all NFTs are unique and can not be distributed, reproduced or exchanged. Thus, NFT certification makes it possible for digital devices to be stored and can have their authenticity guaranteed.



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