see the qualifying teams for the tournament at 16

The Copa do Brasil already has 14 qualifying teams for the next round of the tournament, and this number could continue to rise as one of the two venues is still open.

This edition of the Copa do Brasil does not have the traditional underdogs in front of the big teams in the crash. This time, the Serie A team showed that they are not lying, they won their game and qualified for the round of 16 even though they had to go through some stress to be judged. high place only in the back game.

Thus, until now, of the 14 groups have already been separated to the next level of Brazil Cup, 12 is part of the dream of a national football elite. In fact, this number can still grow, since one of the two offices is still open and will be decided after the outbreak of Bragantino and Goiáswhich is scheduled to be held on the 31st.

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It is worth noting that the winner now Atlético-MG Arrived with the fact our goal was to play back against Brazilianwhich will occur on the 22nd. Thus, team Minas Gerais is on his feet in the round of 16, and to lose this place, the opponent must perform a miracle or reverse the result on in the normal time, or take it. to punish.

the octave

Now, the match of 16 duels will be defined by the draw, which has not yet been dated by the CBF to take place, but it is already known that all 16 teams can face each other . The previous organization has decided on the 22nd and 23rd of June for the first leg, while the rematch is scheduled to take place on the 13th and 14th of July.

Brazil Cup Trophy
Brazil Cup Trophy (Credit: GettyImages)

the gift

One of the goals of the associations that play in the Copa do Brasil is to be able to pass the level to at least guarantee the prize value from the competition. Thus, with narrow competition, the importance for distribution has become higher and higher. The cost for each team that rises to the last quarter, for example, is R $ 3.9 million.

Has been in competition since the first stage, ride a boat, Ceará, the Christians and Sao Paulo are the organizations that have received the most awards so far, having taken home a total of R $ 7.67 million each. Soon people who perform well even before the end happens Atlético-GOwith R $ 7.18 million in total.

As they only enter the third stage of the competition, Bahiawinner of the Northeast Cup last year, Botafogonow the winner of Serie B, plus America-MGAtletico-PR, Kauleethaus, Flamengo, Fluminense, The power, palm treesby Libertadores collected R $ 4.9 million, since they are not eligible for quotas of the first two stages.

Organization category

  • America-MG;
  • Atlético-GO;
  • Athletico-PR;
  • Botafogo;
  • Ceará;
  • Kauleethaus;
  • Flamengo;
  • Fluminense;
  • Power;
  • palm trees;
  • Saints;
  • Sao Paulo;
  • Bahia;
  • Boating.

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