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When you think of diet to lose weight, do you immediately think that you should go without chocolate, açaí, cheese bread, barbecue and many other hobbies? Well, know that it can lose weight eating anything, as long as you make it a priority to eat natural foods every day and have a healthy diet – that is, avoid certain foods. as bad people.

This is exactly the idea that chef Victor Machado brought to Menus for Emagrecer, a new Hello, which premieres this Saturday (7/05). In a health plan, consumers UOL will receive five special notifications each week, to be followed Monday through Friday. During the week, people repeat their favorite menus and still have the right “free food”, to lose weight while eating their favorite foods. The campaign will also feature weekly product listings, a place to ask questions with a dietitian, recipes and more health and weight loss tips – Understand better here how Menus for Emagrecer works and when all content will be published.

For Victor Machado, who is a journalist for VivaBem and will be preparing the menu for the first three months of the project, the secret to losing weight is to know that there are no dietary restrictions.

“When we deprived a person of something they like, the desire is that there is an exaggeration when there is access to that product. And this goes not only for chocolate, coxinha or other food, but also for sex, relaxation, video games, going out with friends … “, says a specialist in behavioral and nutrition sports.

The idea of ​​following a diet that allows you to eat everything is in fact to eliminate the feeling that food restricts health. But of course the diet of all these things needs to be balanced when eating certain foods ” Victor Machado, chef

According to Machado, when learning to say “yes” to any food, one always learns to say “no” to exaggeration and to foods that one knows are bad and should not be eaten in excess. .

Recognize hunger and satiety

In the menu created by Victor Machado, there are many foods that you can eat for free, with no portioning or counting calories. How to lose weight like this? The basis of the menu are natural foods, such as meat, eggs, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, which are nutritious and guarantee satiety. In other words, they are products that fight hunger and we are less controlled when we drink them – have you ever seen someone eat whole chicken without knowing it, like pizza or a box of chocolates?

In addition to the importance of eating foods that increase your satiety, another important step in losing weight is knowing whether your hunger is physical or emotional, depending on what you want to eat. sort. “Have you ever found that your stomach screams and everything will quench your hunger? That is the hunger of the body, if you want something, like ice cream or fast food, then you feel hungry and should try to reduce your stress. You (stress, anxiety) in other ways, such as exercising, reading a book, or simply is to take a bath to rest. “

Next, the dietitian asks more questions about how the diet he or she creates will help you lose weight.

Why is the majority of menus on the menu not limited to quantity?

Victor Machado, chef - Personal archive - Personal archive
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Victor Machado First, because the amount that everyone should eat varies greatly depending on the person’s body weight, height and level of physical activity. Two cups of broccoli and a skewer of meat will fill me up, but sometimes you are still hungry and you may need to eat some extra.

But the most important thing is to understand that there is no need to weigh or control everything you eat when we are talking about natural and healthy foods. You will not gain weight (or lose weight) because you eat three cups of broccoli instead of two; or two meat skewers instead of one. It is very difficult for someone to overdo it when they eat natural foods, as they make us happy.

In order to lose weight, people need to understand that they can eat everything, but not everything. In other words, eat full and do not overdo it – stop where your stomach is “full and happy.” In this way, it is possible to lose weight without getting stuck on a certain amount of food at all.

But what does that actually mean to eat until you are full?

Victor Machado He ate until you reached what we call a stomach ache – that is a “full and happy” stomach. Accomplishing this has many advantages over slowing down, digesting your food and enjoying time. When you have the feeling of “wow, I could eat more, but I was fine”, it is what we call satiety. That differs interest, which has to do with how much food you make.

One of the contradictions that we have in our lives is that, many times, people eat, reach for extreme gratification – that is, overeating – but, at the same time, they fail. interest. They are dissatisfied, they feel guilty and they do not want to eat, they are sorry.

Be prepared to complete the stomach and, at the same time, enjoy the meal. If I give a vegetarian who can only eat a cup of cabbage, a spoonful of brown rice, a skewer of meat and salad, he will not be satisfied, he will be hungry and it will not “happy and. satisfied” with your menu. So soon he gives up good food and seeks to enjoy bad food. Coming to the sad …

Now, with the menu that allows you to eat the natural food on demand and also allows you to occasionally drink chocolate, açaí, pizza, it will feel Satiated and well, which helps to maintain a healthy diet and, therefore, leads to weight loss.

Why is it important to understand that foods like chocolate and cheese bread are not bad?

Victor Machado Today, many people say that they do not eat. They need to learn to speak. When you look at a slice of cheese, on a piece of chocolate and say “I’m going to eat this and it is not”, you allow the food to exist, you understand that it is not bad and you can drink it sometimes. This includes learning to control satiety and developing healthy eating habits, which diet recipes to help people achieve.

In this way, irrational thinking that “such food is forbidden and therefore it tastes better” should not exist, because there are no restrictions. You get the balance and always learn not to when necessary.

Do you need to exercise to lose weight with this menu?

Victor Machado Physical activity is always recommended. Not because it helps to lose weight, but for health, self-care, health.

Remember that exercise alone will not make you lose weight. Who manages weight loss is, in fact, diet

But of course training can help. It is important to keep the body and mind up to date, which leads to weight loss, because it helps reduce and control hunger, for example. Just remember that exercise should be based on self-care, not on the calories you eat or doing anything that only burns fat. Regular training is a great way to enjoy everything your body can do.

Who does not know or does not like to cook can follow the diet and lose weight?

Victor Machado The menu has easy options. One should know the principles: grilling meat, roasting or cooking meat or vegetables.

In most cases, you do not need to use the stove to cook well. Simply by mixing fruits with yogurt, oatmeal or granola, olives and a slice of dark chocolate, you are already eating all for health and wellness.

Knowing how to cook is important because it creates a connection with food, it is a way for us to have a relationship with food. But you do not have to be a chef to follow a Falling Recipe. You can get daily menus by doing simple and, worst of all, buying a healthy lunch or eating at a restaurant by the kilo. That is enough to get on the menu.

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