Scientists are studying the link between Omicron and the spread of hepatitis B virus

Omicron differentiation from coronavirus can have some implications for the current transmission of hepatitis in children. That is what a Japanese research team suggested.

Kyoto University expert Hiroshi Nishiura told the Ministry of Health of the Coronavirus Observatory that countries with high levels of Omicron virus, such as the UK and the US, have been found to have reported high levels of the virus. children.


Credit: NIABJapanese researchers report link between Omicron and heartburn in children

According to experts, the history of Ômicron infection in the past can affect the transmission of hepatitis.

This theory linking SARS-COV-2 with hepatitis B virus has been raised by other health organizations and is being investigated.

However, the best assumption today is that the virus is caused by the adenovirus, as it has diagnosed at least 74 cases.

What scientists are trying to understand now is whether there is a mutation in adenovirus 41 that could explain why the virus is not known to cause serious harm to healthy children right now. now can do it.


Credit: Wildpixel / istockAdenovirus is being studied to cause hepatitis in children

However, another theory is that exposure to certain chemicals, toxins or certain environments may have a negative effect on children in adenovirus transmission. or other diseases.

In a statement issued on April 23, the WHO stated that there was no link between the virus and the vaccine used to prevent Covid-19, because most of the affected children did not receive it. coronavirus vaccine.

See here for more details on these and other theories that have been identified.

Severe liver disease

Hepatitis is characterized by inflammation of the liver, along with elevated liver enzymes.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of patients suspected of being surveyed since May 10 is 348 in 20 countries.

The United Kingdom has the highest incidence of the disease, with 163 being recognized as the third most common disease, according to the city health department.

blood test

Photo: Gilaxia / Istock The UK was the first country to report a high incidence of heart disease and one of the highest rates of the disease

In the United States, the disease was reported in 109 children on day 6. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 90% have been hospitalized, 14% have had a liver transplant traded, and 5 died.

In Brazil, the Department of Health announced on Thursday, 12, that it is investigating 28 people suspected of having the disease in children with no known history.

The records are from São Paulo (8), Rio de Janeiro (7), Minas Gerais (4), Paraná (3), Espírito Santo (2), Pernambuco (2) and Santa Catarina (2). The cause has not been confirmed and is awaiting further testing to confirm the diagnosis.


Most children with the disease are less than five years old. Early symptoms usually include diarrhea after jaundice.

hepatitis jaundice

Photo Credit: Stefan Tomic / istockJaundice is one of the symptoms of liver disease

Another important symptom of hepatitis B is severe pain when the stomach is touched. This sensitivity is heard in the right hand, which is in the heart.

According to the UK Health Insurance Agency (UKHSA), the most common liver disease symptoms found in children up to now are:

Jaundice (71%)
Vomiting (63%)
Yellow stool (50%)
Abdominal pain (45%)
nausea (31%)
Abdominal pain (42%)
Fatigue (50%)
Fever (31%)
Respiratory symptoms (19%)

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